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Blogs, privacy and hundreds of people I dont even know. October 25, 2006

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Hey. I’m considering changing my blog to be password protected. I’m just feeling less and less like sharing all of this with the whole world. I love those of you who I have come to know, but I’m feeling an urge to privatize, to enclose, to protect. Nothing terrible or even notable happened…I’m just considering my options.

The main issue for me is privacy. I honestly don’t know if there is anyone else I know IRL who reads this. I write as if I’m journaling in private, or writing to some good friends. But the truth is that many, many strangers read this, and it is unsettling.

How does one even go about password protecting or what have you? Blogger doesn’t seem to have that option. Anyone know what my options are? Anyone have an opinion?


22 Responses to “Blogs, privacy and hundreds of people I dont even know.”

  1. Clare Says:

    oh Charlotte – don’t go all password protected – I love having a read of your blog – I just laughed and laughed about the sexy times librarian – I so relate.

    I don’t know how you go password protected. But you could just use fake names and change your city or something.

    I so don’t know you IRL or if I do I have no idea I do. But I like knowing you on the web

  2. vee Says:

    I too would be sad to see you go pass word protected (unless you let me into the inner circle).

    I don’t know you in real life, and I probably never will, but reading what you’ve written here has been such a tremendous help to me – it’s a lonely journey without all my blog friends!

  3. Round is Funny Says:

    WordPress allows you to password protect indidividual posts, so you can pick and choose or protect all of them so all you can see is the titles.
    If you password protect, please take me with you!

  4. Pronoia Says:

    I’ll be really sad if your password protect–I need all the stories of lesbians procreating I can get, since it’s not working so well for us. It feels like solidarity, even if I don’t know you.

  5. Married Lesbian Mom Says:

    I have read your blog faithfully for a long time now (I am a comment shy lurker). It helps me and my partner cope with our TTC adventure. It makes us feel like there are others out there with us. If you do go password protetced, I would be HONORED to be able to share in that. If not, I wish you all the luck and love in the world. May the universe bless you and the WTF Family with many baby blessings. (((HUGS)))

  6. Kim Says:

    Please stay public!!!I have been a lurker for the past two months. I feel as tho I am going through it with you.I suck at writing or I would have my own blog, give me a 12 key calculator anyday 🙂 I am a single lesbian TTC currently on CD9, Cycle #2.

  7. Trista Says:

    As someone who had members of her family maliciously directed to a blog post discussing the heterosexism I’ve experienced by that family… I completely understand the urge to protect, withdraw, and control who sees what I post.

    However, I also know that a lot of people I don’t know get some benefit from what I write. Sometimes they’ll drop me a line to let me know that something I wrote meant something to them, but most of the time I never know. But they keep coming back, so I must assume that they’re getting something.

    Charlotte, while I would never condemn someone who decided that they needed to put in a bit more privacy (especially if you feel unsafe), I would hope that you continue as you have been. There are a lot of people getting hope, strength, perspective, wisdom, and courage from your words.

  8. charlotte Says:

    If I password protect, I would allow you all (if you emailed me and said you wanted to) to come to the new site and read it.

  9. Co Says:

    I don’t know how to password protect, but I do understand why you would want to.

    Obviously, the FamilyO will email you for the password if you do.

    Right now, I don’t want my blog password-protected. I like the fact that new people can find me and I can find them. But that brings with it potential problems, too, and I think it’s really up to you.

  10. Michelle Says:

    I am also a lurker – I found your blog through other blogs that I read. I also understand your desire for privacy. I recently started keeping my own blog, as I’ve found it so powerful and helpful to read about other couples’ journeys, but I’ve let no one IRL other than my partner know about it. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and point of view!

  11. Kim Says:

    Charlotte, I totally understand the creepy feeling that some Real Life friends & family have found your blog! The level of nakedness that we display can be very uncomfortable in itself; adding in that your sister, cousin, next door neighbor might be reading it… yikes!

    But I really hope you stay the way you are, and don’t go private. I love reading your blog, and the blogs of others I’ve found; the feeling of “I’m not alone” is so wonderful. Even though I’m mostly straight, I’ve ‘met’ so many wonderful lesbians, singles and couples, who are having similar experiences, and I hope to keep you on that list!

  12. Grrlscout Says:

    We just bought the sperm, we are about to join the madness of TTC (probably next month), so we have been reading the blogs of fellow lesbian TTC’ers like fiends. We love yours!

    So I will be definitely sending you an e-mail if you do go private. I too struggle with the public v. private thing, but we are a fairly low profile blog at this point.

  13. Littlebit Says:

    My husband and I have been TTC for 9 months now. I have read lots of blogs on TTC and always stay addicted to the ones about lesbian couples (more interesting fun couples than us heteros probably). I have been reading your blog since I started TTC and would really want to keep reading. Please give fair warning if you go private so I can request the password (if you would be so kind as to give it out to a lurker… i might have posted once)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I can understand the desire for privacy but I also have to say that I would hate to see you go password b/c then I wouldn’t be able to follow you ladies on your journey…


  15. Anonymous Says:

    so 1 step in weeding some of the random comments (I think the weird anonymous comment from your earlier post has you spooked, am I right?) is to start using word verification or even comment moderating options.

    But I SO get the desire to privatize. I think Estelle may be able to walk you through some codes.


  16. mermaidgrrrl Says:

    Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I love reading your blog and once someone goes password protected then I really only read them once a fortnight because it’s a pain looking up the password and typing it in 400 times.

  17. Emmakirst Says:

    Ack! I have been reading about your journey since your first post. I would hate to see you go private. I’ve commented before (long ago) but really enjoy your blog. BTW good luck this cycle, hope it works 🙂

  18. Estelle Says:

    I can give you a code for blogger. I wrote it for a friend in exchange for diapers. It’s by far not bullet proof, but it’ll work for most riff raff.
    Otherwise you’ll have to move to LJ (friends only), WordPress (friends only or individual posts) or TypePad (whole blog).
    I wish Blogger would offer one… it would have been great to add to their new beta format. Oh well.
    Let me know if you want the code. I can’t paste it here because things will go crazy! You have to disable feeds as well, because people can still read through feed services if you’re publishing one.

    I PW protected mine once, and toy with the idea of doing it again, but probably won’t.

  19. lagiulia Says:

    I enjoy dropping in on your blog. Bri first directed me to your blog, and again we were talking the other night about what a cool and funny person you are. Although I am not a very consistent visitor or commentor, I’d miss reading. But, there are times when a person needs privacy, and if this is one of them so be it.
    Take care!

  20. Mama2BandT Says:

    Darn I am never going to live down my late-night-did-not-proofread comment…I apologize again and again…obviously I will either stop commenting or seriously proofread next time…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I love catching up on like in your world……… but totally understand your reasons x

  22. AJ Says:

    I too would be sad to see you go p/w protected! But I understand your need for privacy as well! Good luck with whatever you decide! 🙂

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