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Just Checking In… October 24, 2006

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Second insems with Rocket Man and WTF went well. Cake was a hit. I have been at their house for a few days, hence the blogging absence. I need to catch up on some sleep. I’ll post more later.

Oh, one more thing…S’s chart is CRAZY this month, already. We think it might be the the fertility tea she is drinking three times a day.


8 Responses to “Just Checking In…”

  1. Co Says:

    I seem to recall, and Sarah and/or BB can correct me if I’m wrong, that BB’s ovulation… usually so regular… was off the cycle she drank the fertility tea, which was the same cycle she conceived Ziggy. In fact, I seem to recall Sarah being totally convinced it hadn’t worked.

    I’m hoping for similar circumstances for S. Fingers way crossed for you two.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm so will you share you chosen insem x…just curious…darn I’m a voyeur!

  3. charlotte Says:

    Anonymous: without giving more information, it sounds kinda like a pervy comment, which makes me less liekly to share. I might be wrong, but still…

  4. Sarah and BB Says:

    Yes Co, you are right. On the first month we started the tes (which was the one that created Ziggy) BB’s ovulation wasn’t showing up on the OPK’s at all. I was freaking that we missed it, normally BB was ovulating on day 13/14. But her cervix was butter, and everything looked good. We drove to the Netherlands anyway, with the positive OPK, and insemmed late on day 15.

    We spent the ENTIRE tww convinced it didn’t work, thinking either she didn’t ovulate/ovulated earlier because of the tea.

    Low and behold, 2 weeks later. Voila, positive HPT.

    So yes, our cycle on the tea was different, but obviously much more effective.

    I’m hoping it is the same for you guys too! Good Luck!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    oooh- crazy chart seems to be a very good sign here!

  6. Mama2BandT Says:

    I apologize for offending you…I just remember you getting mixed responses on recommended times to inseminate. I simply wondered what you guys decided was best for all involved…we’re contemplating #3 ourselves and I try to glean all info possible.
    The voyeur comment was just a joke on myself b/c I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.
    Nothing inappropriate meant!

  7. charlotte Says:

    HAHA! I thought it might be something like that but I was not sure. Don’t feel badly! That comment was not really why I wrote the last post. It just reminded me that anyone could be reading this. Thanks for the clarification though!!

  8. Mama2BandT Says:

    Thanks for making me feel better…I have never been a HNG and was horrified when I realized that I might have been perceived that way…it sounds stupid but I was thinking but I read all these blogs that “we all read” and then I realized oh I don’t have an identity and I don’t usually comment so no wonder they don’t know me….lol i’m on LMOMS2 but that doesn’t carry over yes I still have mommy brain and I’ve always been a goober! 🙂 Now to decide what pic I should use for my profile…

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