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Wow, I’m sick of my own whining October 15, 2006

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I read over my recent posts and holy Whinefest 2006. I am certainly entitled to some bitterness, but I hate that I have been bitter and BORING. Bad combo. I’m totally over it.

I may be done whining until/if/when we we get another you’re.not. pregnant. Then I am allowed to be boring bitter and whatever else I throw up here.

All this feeling sorry for myself is just exhausting.

S is drinking some great fertility tea from Sarah and BB via FamilyO, thrice times per day. We are calling accupunturists tomorrow.

Rocket Man has no business trip this month so we are going to put copius amounts of sperm, like 1to 2 times per day, in S over three days, starting a week from today, on Sunday.

Eeeew and Yay!


8 Responses to “Wow, I’m sick of my own whining”

  1. Sarah and BB Says:

    I didn’t find you boring at all. A little whiney yes, BUT I think anyone in your position with all that donor/donor wife shit you went thru, would be whining up an even BIGGER whinefest!

    I hope the tea works for you guys, we used it and it was definitely THE thing that got us pregnant with Ziggy. (BB is yelling in the background that “the tea tastes like shit, but it worked”) It turned her cervix into butter! 🙂

    Go Rocket Man’s swimmers!!

  2. tonya cinnamon Says:

    no boring at all.. look on the bight side rocket man has fun and you all get many tries to make babies! 🙂
    hoping the tea and everything else works!!!!!!
    sending soothing thoughts to you two!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My two cents worth again…all the research i’ve done shows you the get the best # of swimmers when the donor has restrained for 48 hrs prior to initial donation…so one would think if he “saved himself” for 48 hrs then donated every 24 hrs that might help…just my thoughts…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    dude. It’s your blog & you can whine if you want to.

    & um, tea? que??
    e-mail moi info please.


  5. bleu Says:

    I have to second M. If you insem more than every 24 hours it will actually work against you. Most friends of mine using fresh do every other day actually. You might also check into using some preseed, it gives the sperm a great environment in which to swim up.
    Best of luck.

  6. Kim Says:

    Aw, man, you mean that the whole purpose of this blog thing ISN’T to whine?!? I’m in serious trouble, then. 😉 Go ahead and bitch and moan if you need to; this is free therapy, and you don’t even have to recline on a Naugahyde couch.

  7. ms.bri Says:

    I hate to contradict when I can’t site a source, but I know I have read in at least one fairly reputable place that the 48 hour thing is a myth, provided the sperm count and motility and all that is healthy.

    Whining is one of the purposes of blogging. We do it virtually so no one has to actually hear that nasal whiny tone come from our bodies. It’s better this way. Whine away. Heaven knows I do.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My info came The Essential Lesbian Guide to Conception,Pg… by the Maya midwifery team and my ob/gyn and infertility….like i said 2 cents take it as well meant attempts to help!


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