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I can’t think of a title October 12, 2006

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I would have thought that with free fresh sperm, we would feel more relieved about trying again…and we do, I guess, but for many reasons this has been the hardest ‘no’:

1. we know that Rocket Man has great swimmers, so is something wrong with S?

2. we don’t want to put WTF and Rocket Man through months and months of donating

3. people around us who started trying at the same time are about to give birth and that feels like we are being lapped.

4. we feel really good about the situation, no reservations about frozen sperm to cushion the blow

5. her chart looked very different, so we had all kinds of hope…lesson learned.

I am attempting to bounce back from this let down. I need to ask some questions, to all of you, about diet, herbs, what supplemental shit do you do to be fertile. I need to be preparing for next cycle. Instead, I feel a little broken. Mustering unabashed hope (not easliy done for me) only to have it dashed, really knocked the wind out of me.

In the meantime, please share anything and everything that has worked for you, you believe will work for you, or that you do anyway even if you don’t know if it will work for you.


5 Responses to “I can’t think of a title”

  1. Merr Says:

    I have always had regular cycles, and have always ovulated, no problem. I got pregnant the first try with my first kid. This time around has been hard tough. I tried 4 times with a frozen donor, 2 times with a fresh donor, and 1 time with a new frozen donor. I am sure that there is nothing wrong with me. The doctor told me to go on chlomid, and I refused, because I feel like I don’t need it. Well I finally gave in and got on it. It is just to help my chances by letting out more eggs. I went in for an ultrasound, and there were plebty of eggs and everything looked good. I don’t know if it worked yet, but we are hoping.

  2. Co Says:


    This is so hard. I know this latest not pregnant is crushing.

    As far as your not wanting to ask WTF and RocketMan to donate to you for months and months… I think that’s really as much up to them as it is to you. If they don’t mind, then you shouldn’t feel badly asking it of them, even if it takes several more months. You four all seem very open and honest, so I’m going to assume you’ve already discussed this or will discuss it soon, and leave it at that.

    As far as maximizing S’s fertility potential in ways she is comfortable with, I’m all for it. But I don’t think you should assume anything is wrong with S. This is the 3rd month you’ve tried, right? (I know you’ve done 2-3 AIs per cycle, but even so.) It’s not unheard of for a perfectly fertile woman to take 5-6 months to conceive, as I know you know, no matter how lightning fast RocketMan’s swimmers are. So, while I understand your impatience, I wouldn’t assume anything about S’s fertility just yet, unless you have specific cause for concern, or unless S. is dying to have an infertility workup done on her.

    So sorry this one wasn’t the one.

  3. vee Says:

    My doctor told me yesterday that standard practise in the UK is not to even consider looking for fertility problems until you’ve done 12-18 months of “shagging” (yes, he used that word!)

    I’ve read good reports about a variety of things that might boost fertility and could probably dig out some references on them if you so wish – as on my blog.

    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin C
    Green tea (I prefer it in capsules)
    Agnus Castus/Vitex/Chaste berry

    Despite rattling like a pill box when shaken, I’m not pregnant yet, so I hardly qualify as an expert though!

    I’m sorry it’s feeling hard for you right now. Stick with it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    damn. I wish I knew the magic fix that would make it work. LAWD don’t I!

    Not that it is comforting at all- but I have done soooo many different things & nothing worked. Plus I have had all the tests & they show that nothing is wrong with me.

    It is nuts.

    & I hate that you guys are going through it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am a frequent reader of your blog although i don’t usually comment…my two cents worth is that maybe your timing wasn’t optimal as it could be(if memory serves correctly,b/c it sounded like you insemmed and then didn’t get a pos for a day or two)…i know for me insemming (for baby #2)on the day I got my first pos opk and then the next day just to cover the bases did the trick. I know their scheduling complicates the matter but it’s just a thought.

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