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whatever October 10, 2006

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What has been allowing me to survive this TWW? The fact that today, Tuesday October 2nd, we would have an answer.

Do we have an answer? Nope.

Negative HPT for the last three mornings, including this morning.
S feels like she’s going to get her period (periodish cramps, sweaty night, feeling clammy today).

But, her chart is weird and her temp is up today.

Her temp has never been up on day 12. When I say ‘never’ I mean the previous two cycles, but if you look at them they are REGULAR.

So what the fuck? We still have no answer. I still think it is a no…I mean her period is due tomorrow. Who is pregnant and doesn’t have a positive HPT the day before their period??? I mean we are on day 12 of a 12-13 day luteal phase.

I hate not knowing.



8 Responses to “whatever”

  1. Sara Says:

    I still have my fingers crossed for you two!!

  2. Lo Says:

    Hope hope hope from over here.

  3. Mo Says:

    I hate to be all hopeful, but don’t lots of women get negative HPT’s on 12 DPO? Hoping this is it for you.

  4. Mo Says:

    Lots of pregnant women, I mean!

  5. vee Says:

    Adding to the hopeful voices, I was told that, even with a shorter LP (mine is around 11 days), a positive test might not show up until day 14, as it takes 14 days for the levels to get high enough.

    They say test on the day your period is due because *most* women get their period on DPO 14.
    So I’m still hopeful for you!

  6. bri Says:

    I am all about holding out no hope whatsoever and thoroughly convincing oneself that all is lost. However… at 12dpo, I gave up and told everyone it was no. I had a HCG booster, so my situation was different, but it had faded to the same degree that it had the month before and my temp was headed down. 13dpo was when my temp shot up and the line got darker. I don’t like to share that, seeing that I believe all hope should be quashed, but there you go. Do with it what you will.
    PS. It would be great if this was it for you guys.

  7. Co Says:

    I’m seconding everyone else. NOT having an answer… NOT seeing the temp drop you’d expect if S were to get her period… well, while that means no end to the wait, it could also mean something good…

    Amd I don’t know much about pg tests, but you may be able to look up stats about early test results for pg ladies. I know when I looked them up for the pg tests I bought, it said something like only 50% of pg women at 10 DPO, only 70% at 11 DPO… and up and up. It’s still possible.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    thinking of you both and hoping for a post with lots of exclamation points and words like, “yes!” in your very near future.

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