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Officially, this will be the longest week ever. October 2, 2006

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This TWW is loooooooooooooooong.

It is like the first TTW all over again. I am always so unproductive while waiting.

I chart stare. I read blogs. The shitty weather doesn’t help either. Now I don’t even have to leave the house.

It just seems like it should work for us, fresh sperm and all (with such a track record, those boys can SWIM). But we have to wait a whole week.

This wait is complicated by, but surprisingly not made weird or competetive by, the fact that WTF is pregnant! For fucks sake those folks have some powerful fertility. It’s just having a baby that lives…I know I should be terrified for her, but I’m not. I’m super happy.

We have a week to wait to see if we are also knocked up. I should have all kinds of witty jokes to make about this CRAZY situation, but I got nothin’.

I can’t believe you, my kind readers, are all being so calm about this situation. I have thankfully received zero “concerned” emails, and everyone we have told IRL is really happy for us and grateful that WTF and Rocket Man stepped in to help.

Just for the sake of being realistic though, can we just stop and ponder this situation for a minute:

One of my best friends, who has had 3 baby disasters, two within the lat 10 months, just helped her husband donate sperm to us during the same month that she is trying to get pregnant, for the SIXTH time with a baby that lives, and if S is pregnant too the babies will have due dates exactly one week apart, but will not be raised as half siblings in any way because all parties think of Rocket Man as just the donor in addition to being good family friends, and two weeks ago they were neither our donors nor a part of blog land.

It amazes me every day that this just feels totally normal. Kooky pants.


4 Responses to “Officially, this will be the longest week ever.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I hear you on the possible weirdness/stark reality of a KD situation like yours. But I think it’s fantastic that WTF is knocked up, and I really hope you and S are knocked up, too. Well, really just S, since she’s the incubator, but you know what I mean.

    Oh, and to answer your question about my KD situation, we’ll talk more about it when we find out whether or not I can get knocked up. Which will be after my HSG next week.

  2. Co Says:

    I’m sorry this is going to be one loooooong week for you. The whole Family O has fingers (or paws) crossed.

    And as for your KD situation… I am glad you feel like it’s so right. That’s amazing. Thusly, I have no words of caution for you. If it feels right to you, S, WTF and Rocket Man, then it feels right daggoneit.

  3. whatthef*ck Says:

    LOL! Kooky pants. As Troll Girl would say, “Das funneeeee.”

    All I can say on the topic is… go figure. Anything I thought I knew about how this world works… I gave it all up. I think that’s why we decided to donate the sperm, that is (because we want to help you have a baby with an KD) and because… I know nothing.

    I didn’t know if I’d get pregnant, I don’t know what will happen to me this time, I don’t know if I’ll have to watch you guys have a baby while I add another one to my set of ashes in my cabinet. I just don’t f*cking know. And I give up trying to know. That’s why it seemed like a good time to give it all up to the lord (facetiously).

    Ideally he won’t decide to cram our good intentions down our throats until we choke to death on them. Ideally. As if there’s somebody calling the shots anyway.

    Whoa. That was heavy.

  4. marta Says:

    good luck to you. i hope the 2ww flies by!

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