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Now We Wait. September 28, 2006

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This insem had some of the hilarity and fun that was missing from the IUI experience.

Rocket man got home about 5:30 pm. He was lookin’ pretty good, really. He was wearing cool jeans, and is rather handsome, we think. Great donor. Great person.

He had not seen his kids for 3 days, so we had to wait while he “kissed and hugged his kids.” The quotes around that indicate my eye rolling at my own impatience. I mean really. 3 days. They missed each other.

Right when WTF and Rocket Man should have headed upstairs, the pizza came. They left it up to us whether or not they would eat first or head to the bathroom to do “grownup things” as they told their 5 year old.

So mean old me asked them to forgo the hot pizza (WTF HATES soggy pizza), and they did. Bless them.

But they were interrupted TWICE.

Once by their five year old pressing himself against the bathroom door (they have one of those large spa bathrooms, the fuckers) asking “what are you doooooooing in there.”

The second time was by their 2 year old daughter who is the sassiest little chickadee you have EVER met. She talks louder than LM screams. She stomped her way into their room yelling “MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!”

I’m surprised they were able to finish the deed at all.

We managed to keep all the sperm in this time! Yay!

Then we finished dinner with them and had a nice evening.

As many of you now know, WTF is a very talk-about-anything person, so I feel comfortable talking to her about anything. Which is the kind of friend you need. We can talk about the consistency of our poop, then about our deepest fears, then make fun of someone we hate. And we did.

Not that they are not crazy, believe me they are. But in a good way. Nothing compared to our FPKD (former potential know donor) and FTW. But that is for another post.

Good times. Good sperm.

Now we wait.

And so do they. Oh, the drama of it all.


2 Responses to “Now We Wait.”

  1. Co Says:

    Fingers crossed for you! Glad that it went well.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WTF & Rocket Man just sound so fucking great. All the openness, all the honesty all the inclusiveness- THAT is what was missing from PKD. (well at least from a reader’s perspective)

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