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No Ovulation Today??? September 28, 2006

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We went to sleep all happy and content last night about timing and everything (see post below).

Then this morning: NO TEMP SPIKE.

What’s up? Of course we chose not to spend the night, and not to do the “superfluous” morning after O, insem.

Now I don’t know what do do. Rocket Man is already at work, and they live 3 hours away, round trip. Should we go back tonight? Or assume that the swimmers can live until whatever point today when she ovulates (we hope).

Yikes! I hate it when eggs don’t cooperate. I hope to god she ovulates today. Damn. I was so thrilled to have a positive post for the day. I was purposely leaving out a very dramatic post so I could have just a happy one. Oh, well. Drama post tomorrow.


4 Responses to “No Ovulation Today???”

  1. Kathryn - partner of Donna Says:

    Oh god – charting can send you loopy sometimes can’t it? I so hope you get a temp spike in the morning.

  2. Co Says:

    I hate it when eggs don’t cooperate too. Especially when S.’s eggs are usually so predictable.

    But there’s still a good chance. Sperm can live in the “stretchy baby juice” for 3-5 days. It ain’t over.

    If I were you or S., I probably wouldn’t want to drive 3 hours to try again, but Lo probably would. I would reason that there’s still a good chance and if S. is having a wacky cycle, it might be best to just ride this cycle out instead of upping the ante. But that’s me. You two obviously need to do what’s right for you.

    My fingers are still way crossed for you.

  3. Estelle Says:

    I’d skip it. If she’s got good CM, it can live several days.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well the fab thing about fresh sperm is that it can last a few days and be there chilling out when the egg does drop.
    & as for the temping…SO many factors can fuck up a good temp spike. Plus it is getting to be chilly at night.
    Go Rocket Man, Go!!

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