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Project Baby #2 with Fresh Sperm From KD #5 September 23, 2006

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People, we have officially decided to move forward with our new KD. This will be KD number FIVE, after TWO frozen donors.

Recent calculations indicate that S will have had 3 different men’s sperm in her in 3 months. That is some serious action. Maybe her eggs just like one night stands. The sluts.

We shall call him…I can’t think of anything good. I couldn’t with our last KD either. Any suggestions? He plays basketball. He’s smart, with a well paid corporate type of job. He loves wine and cheese. He is a mellow guy.

But of course there is a snag. There had to be one, right?

He will be out of town from Sunday night to Wednesday afternoon.

S ovulates on Wednesday.

Not ideal, really. We decided that we should drive over there on Sunday night and do the first insem, in case she ovulates early. Timing wise that means that by Tuesday night, the sperm will have been out for 48 hours…by Wednesday morning 2 1/2 days. This is still worth it right? Then the next insem will be on Wednesday at 6:00 pm.

Like wam bam please give us some junk and then drive yourself to the airport…then hi, please do not pause on your way to the bathroom (bedroom?) as soon as you walk in the door after a tiring business trip, and no self servicing in the mean time.

What can I say, we are demanding lesbians.

I am hoping this timing is not totally fucked up. I’m tempted to be really mean and bitchy to S, or have a fake meltdown so she gets stressed out and ovulates late.

Just kidding, mostly.


7 Responses to “Project Baby #2 with Fresh Sperm From KD #5”

  1. art-sweet Says:

    You’re not even going to drive him to the airport? Wham Bam Thank You Sir?

    This seems like the kind of situation that is so fucked up that it has to work. Soon you’ll be telling little monster #2… and then yuppiedonor flew away on a jet plane…

    In all seriousness, I’m glad to hear of your decision. Even with all the stress of the insemination timing, it sounds more right for you guys than frozen did.

    I’ll be hoping for you!

    xoxo art-sweet

  2. Trista Says:

    Sunday night is worth it. Go for it.

    And I vote you call him Mr. Mellow.

  3. Pronoia Says:

    And fresh can last five days, so it’s still great.

  4. tonya cinnamon Says:

    heheheheheh. sorry i got so tickled.. on her eggs being sluts..
    and then making the poor man get his rocks off and get the hell out thank you..
    crossing fingets this is it!!!!
    call him rocket
    or even magic johnson .. grin

  5. whatthef*ck Says:

    I vote for rocket man!! After all, he was training to become a Navy pilot and he flies off, usually rather unceremoniously, on a big jet plane quite often.

  6. J-Le Says:

    wow, things move fast in your part of the world

  7. Co Says:

    Fingers crossed.

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