two uteri, two mamas pregnant, AGAIN, with baby number two

We’re out. September 12, 2006

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Not pregnant.

S’s temp did the drop today which means her period is coming.

And it really is coming…S is so regular. She will spot tonight and her period will come tomorrow morning.

I’m pretty depressed about it. Not so much because this cycle didn’t work, but this makes me wonder if it is gonna work at all.


14 Responses to “We’re out.”

  1. Trista Says:

    I sorry. That sucks rocks.

  2. art-sweet Says:


    I’ll look up the title of the Charles Simic poem I posted at Bri’s for you when I get home.

    I heart Charles Simic.

  3. Kathryn - partner of Donna Says:

    We’re both thinking of you

  4. vee Says:

    Ahh crap.
    Double crap.

  5. vee Says:

    Ahh crap.
    Double crap.

  6. Co Says:

    I’m so sorry.

    The FamilyO is already hoping that the third time is the charm for you two.

  7. Pronoia Says:

    I’m so sorry. The TTC rollercoaster really sucks, doesn’t it?

  8. bri Says:

    fricking crap – sorry.

  9. Wendy & Karen Says:

    So sorry.

  10. J-Le Says:

    i’m sorry.

  11. Lo Says:

    crappity crap crap. sorry.

  12. Sarah and BB Says:

    😦 So sorry you guys.
    That just frickin’ sucks.

  13. Sacha Says:

    hang in there kiddo. I know how hard that brick wall feels when you hit it over and over again and I know how it feels to think it really won’t happen. I also know how hard it is to see that it will happen and how hard it is to live with the disappointment and pain over and over again.

    I swear that hope is just around the corner, in some form.

  14. calliope Says:

    fuck. I am so so sorry.

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