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Perfect Timing September 1, 2006

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S’s temp did a lovely spike this morning, indicating that she O’ed yesterday. Yay!

We LOVE our Clearblue Monitor. It was RIGHT ON, and picked up S’s LH surge before the regular OPKs and today it shows no LH line but the Estrogen line is back, which is another confirmation of O.

Last night we did a vaginal insem.

Thanks for all your support and stories regarding the tenaculum. It really turned the experience into something just sucky rather than traumatizing.

Thank you to S’s body for doing such a good job, and giving us such clear signals this month.

A special thanks to Team Charlotte and S, who (except for one brief 2 hour period) were the model of a loving supportive Trying to Conceive TEAM. Goooooo Team.

And here’s to 1 DPO with perfect timing.


8 Responses to “Perfect Timing”

  1. J Says:

    I’m glad you guys are walking away from this insemination period with some good vibes. Best of luck!

  2. Calliope Says:

    wooooo hooooooo!!!!

    isn’t it kick ass when you get that pretty temp spike??


  3. Co Says:

    Go, Team!!!!

    Many good vibes being sent your way for this cycle.

  4. amy Says:

    Congrats on your timing! Two weeks and counting…

  5. Sarah and BB Says:


    Fabulous news!!

    Go Swimmers go!

  6. Gretch Says:

    so exciting to have the confirmation of the fertility monitor and temp spike – good luck, team!

  7. M. Says:

    I saw that excellent spike….Sacha and I were waiting for it. I have to say, it’s a beautiful looking chart so far. FX for you both!

  8. J-Le Says:

    i’ll be following your tww closely as i’m in mine too.

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