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Clear Plan Fertility Monitor August 30, 2006

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We got a PEAK.

This is a new fangled device where you pee on a stick every morning and it reads them for you, testing for estrogen (when that rises you move from Low to High fertility), and LH (when it detects your surge, you get a PEAK, reading, which includes a small icon of an egg. Cute.)

Last month, we had an impossible time reading the OPKs. And this time the OPKs are being equally frustrating, but the monitor says peak, so we are going for the insem tomorrow. We will only know if it is well timed if we get a temp spike on Friday (indicating ovulation actually happened on Thursday).

Oh the drama and excitement of it all. And the stress.

I hope the frigin monitor is right.

P.S. S just got a clear positive regular OPK.

Freakin out!! There is all this waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Then BAM. Holy. I need to calm down.So what do we do???

When do we inseminate?? We have two vials. Our doc can do 9 am and afternoon tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Clear Plan Fertility Monitor”

  1. Wendy & Karen Says:

    We waited and waited and waited and waited too with the OPK’s driving us nuts. But when we finally got what appeared to be the “go”, we went! It was definitely a “wait, wait, wait..BAM!” kind of happening like you’re experiencing. We got the go, inseminated two days in a row in the AM and – miracle of miracles – we’re now pregnant. I guess sometimes the nerve-wracking insanity pays off. I’ll sure hope it does for you guys! Good luck!

    – Karen

  2. Brooke Says:

    Crossing fingers that your timing is spot on!

  3. J-Le Says:

    hey sounds like me and S are in synch!

  4. Estelle Says:

    Honestly, I would have done it before the peak. But too late now! Too late total, since you would have done it by now anyway. Good luck!

  5. Merr Says:

    I have used the monitor for many months, and it has never been wrong. I used it with my first pregnancy, and inseminated the day after I hit peak, and I got pregnant the first try. I have been using it this time around as well, and I had one month where I didn’t ovulate, and the monitor was right about that too. So the monitor is right, and I would inseminate in the morning.

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