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Rechanneling August 20, 2006

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I am attempting to rechannel my energy to getting clients (for my job).

We are handling the not pregnant thing, and moving on. Trying to prepare ourselves for the possibility of many of these to come. We had a sad and interesting talk with our former PKD couple friends, but I’ll post more about that later.

I am currently entering a job where I need to create a client base (folks who are going to come see me as therapy clients). I am hoping to see queer couples and individuals, and especially folks who are dealing with starting a family, or postpartum issues.

I’m not sure why I am posting this.

I think I am needing some advice/help/ideas about how to get my name out there as a therapist specializing in queer issues, and infertility issues. I am going to the local GLBT resource center, and will try to find other queer professionsal like doctors and lawyers to network with .

I also think I can see clients (in an informed capacity) queer and hetero who are struggling with infertility.

Any ideas are welcome. I am so bad at marketing myself.


3 Responses to “Rechanneling”

  1. Trista Says:

    well, I know that here in SLC there’s an organization of therapists who work with queer clients — they have a booth at pride day and you can call them if you’re looking for a gay-friendly therapist. Is there something like that were you live that you could join?

    You could advertise in the queer newspapers — even just an ad in the professional services section of the classifieds. Oooh and there’s craig’s list… And is there a queer phonebook that you could put a listing in?

    But you know, speaking from personal experience, I’ve found my therapists through referrals from people I know. I’d tell everyone you know that you’re looking to add clients. Give out business cards like candy. In addition to going to the GLBT center you could also go to the Women’s Centers and the GLBT centers on campuses in your area — leave cards and fliers, but also see if you could get appointments to speak with senior staff members of those centers to introduce yourself. Ok, that very last step, though I think is a key one,. is also a terrifying one to me. I think I’d probably starve rather than try to sell my abilities and wonderfulness to someone I don’t know but who could possibly refer clients to me.

  2. Calliope Says:

    I agree with Trista with the tell averyone you know angle. (& all her other smart ideas)

    I would also ask if you could put a flyer or card at fertility clinics in your town. There was always cards for outside services at my clinic.

    I think it is great that you are going to rechannel towards this.

  3. frog Says:

    If you have them, advertise in the gay and feminist papers (that’s where I always tell my friends to look for therapists, and it’s where I found mine, as well as taking an ad out in the Pride guidebook (or whatever the equivalent is). Post a flyer at the women’s bookstore, the gay library, the gay bars, and the open and affirming places of worship. Post a flyer at Planned Parenthood. Ask midwives if they’ll refer people to you. Talk with glbt doctors (and allies) about your services so they can keep them in mind for their clients.

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