two uteri, two mamas pregnant, AGAIN, with baby number two

Not Pregnant August 18, 2006

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S got her period.


17 Responses to “Not Pregnant”

  1. Trista Says:

    That really sucks. I’m sorry.

  2. Sarah and BB Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that. That really REALLY sucks.

  3. Lo Says:

    Suck suck suck. Balls. Better luck next cycle….

  4. vee Says:


  5. Sophia Says:

    bleah and crap


    *hands you sushi*

  6. Calliope Says:

    aw shit. I am so so sorry.
    hugs to you both.

  7. J Says:

    I’m sorry guys. Bah. Take care of yourselves.

  8. Co Says:

    I’m sorry you two. Take care.

  9. Holly Says:

    darn it…sorry.

  10. Sacha Says:

    Big hug for both of you.


  11. Tamsin Says:

    Bummer. Sorry to hear the bad news :o(

  12. Brooke Says:

    What awful, crappy, shitty news. I’m so sorry guys. Take care of each other; you will get through this. xoxo.

  13. eryn Says:

    sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

  14. marta Says:

    that sucks. i’m sorry.

  15. Sara Says:

    Damn. Sorry this wasn’t it.

  16. bri Says:

    I’m really sorry. Sucks. Sucks hard. Damn. Sorry.

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