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12 D P O August 17, 2006

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I no longer want to test. For once I don’t think I’m being pessimistic, I just don’t think S is pregnant.

Look at the dip on her other wise (admittedly Brooke) Pretty chart.

I don’t think any pregnant chart could look like this. And her luteal phase is 12-13 days, so I think this is it.



6 Responses to “12 D P O”

  1. Brooke Says:

    I’m out. This just sucks. Hugs to you both if, in fact, this one doesn’t work (remember, you’re not out until that red bitch shows up).

  2. Tamsin Says:

    Oh poop.

  3. ms.bri Says:

    Crap-a-rama. Very sorry, dear. It’s not over. But I know the feeling.

  4. Calliope Says:

    still keeping hope around- just in case. but I’m already sending virtual hugs.

  5. Sacha Says:

    Hang in there kiddo. The crash is hard.

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