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11 D P O – August 16, 2006

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Tested this morning. S’s decision. Negative.

S was fine knowing it was neg, until she saw the blank test. Then it was depressing. Now we will wait until tomorrow night to test again. The chart looks better though, she had a temp increase, and a sweaty night last night which normally only happens once, right before ovulating. Hopefully the sweatiness is due to a fabulous hormone surge.

Ok, I know we joke about it, but why do I continue staring at her chart? I think that a scarily delusional part of my really does think that the “chart fairy” (Brooke’s term) will come because of my intense mental staring powers.

I knew my intense mental staring powers would come in handy.


10 Responses to “11 D P O –”

  1. vee Says:

    negative, my arse – keep up the staring – I really hope it’ll bring on the good news!

  2. Brooke Says:

    My chart isn’t even as PRETTY as S’s & I continue to stare at it. It’s all so very pathetic of me. Sorry about the -, but it’s still early. Fingers crossed!

  3. Calliope Says:

    ugh- sorry about the early test result.

    I think chart gazing is an attempt to find some order or control a very chaotic world. If we can view things in a scientific way then maybe we can make sense of it all.

    So far it has never made sense…

  4. Brooke Says:

    I agree w/ Cali. Temping, for me, is like reading tea leaves. Gives me the illusion of control. And really, my chart is rawther disappointing, but if you insist, here it is.

  5. Wendy & Karen Says:

    I wish I could think of something clever to write. I’m thinking of you both.

  6. Lo Says:

    Here’s hoping it’s just an early negative…

  7. Tamsin Says:

    Yup, it’s all about that illusion of control.

    Hope that the test was just too early, and that the results wonderfully transform into a +ve

  8. Tamsin Says:

    BTW, thanks for adding me to your blogroll – it’s reciprocated!

  9. Sacha Says:

    I still haven’t uncrossed my fingers!

  10. frog Says:

    I visit my chart continually. It’s insane.

    Best of luck!

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