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10 D P O. Nothing to talk about. August 15, 2006

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Nothing to talk about except that Calliope gave me a tribute! Oh the love. It really makes my day. Thank you chica.

Calliope is just a super fabulous, smart person who has no idea how fabulous she is, and she is kinda my On the Computer Therapist, and that is saying a lot, seeing as I am one IRL.

But now I feel the pressure to put up an extra interesting post to highlight the funny and the authentic and throw in some charm. But I’VE GOT NOTHING. Sorry. Just a boring ass day, where I wish we could POAS, but we won’t.

Back to babyland: 10 DPO, and S’s chart looks not great?? why are her temps going down? We are not going to POAS today bc I am trying to be the relaxed, go-with-the-friggin-flow person that I am NOT, but am pretending to be.

Speaking of my insanity…oh ladies, to watch your child act like you is just wild. This morning he is INSISTING that I cannot just wear one sock (which I am doing because I stubbed my pinky toe Super bad yesterday). It is life or death here. Anyhoo, it’s good to know I’m passing my very best anal retentive qualities onto the poor boy.

P.S. In response to recent comments: YES I have found the chart gallery, YES it is like crack, and what’s also true is that it is just about the biggest waste of time EVER. But I still love it. In fact I’m going there right now. Well, maybe right after I examine S’s chart for the 20th time today. Chicas, what would we accomplish if we put this much energy into someting else?


8 Responses to “10 D P O. Nothing to talk about.”

  1. Wendy & Karen Says:

    I’m with you on the anal retentive craziness of this process. My partner K & I had our first insemination on 8/7 and I have obsessed about the calendar every day thereafter.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. PS – I found you via Calliope’s blog. She’s the greatest.

  2. Brooke Says:

    Dear – I am so with you on the obsessiveness. I check my chart 20-30 times a day thinking…what? That the chart fairies will come in & move things around to make them look more favorable? It has been AGONIZING. For what it’s worth, at least you’re in good company šŸ™‚

  3. Calliope Says:

    oh- but have you discovered the chart gallery??? that is where I go the most nuts- looking to see if there are any charts out there that look enough like mine that have + results.

    I am VERY impressed by your hold-it-out-edness.


  4. Brooke Says:

    Oh yes, the Chart Gallery! You should try it! It’s like crack for the chart obsessed!

  5. Brooke Says:

    We could power THE WORLD with our obsessive energy. Truly.

  6. M. Says:

    argh, the chart link isn’t working right. Could you change it to link to your home page on FF?

  7. charlotte Says:

    Brooke, where is your chart so I can obsess about yours too!

  8. lagiulia Says:

    Here via Cali. I enjoy reading your blog. And I hope that this cycle is a success for you two. Good luck!

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