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Did I Mention it’s our Anniversary?? August 4, 2006

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We are on day 15 of a cycle that is usually 27 days, sometimes 28.

Using Clearblue Easy and Rite Aid OPKs.

Day 13 had some halfway to + OPKs
no Fertile Mucus
this is the day we usually get a +OPK, but did not this time

day 14 had some halfway to + OPKs
at night some creamy mucus and wet vaginal sensation

Today day 15
some eggwhite (this usually happens day of ovulation, sometimes day after)
diarrhea, crampy feelings
wet vag sensation
sweaty last night (usually happens day of + OPK, but + does not come until nighttime sometimes)
even fainter OPKs than yesterday, barely there (tested in morning and at noon today)

She never has a complete positive, the line is always a little less dark than the control, but we have had none that even looked like this.

I wonder if we should do an IUI today or a vag insemination NOW, and an IUI tonight or tomorrow??? Maybe she did not/will not ovulate ? But we have EWFM (eggwhite cervical fluid) today. I think this is a good sign that she is ovulating today. We are very confused about the OPKs getting fainter. All the wet vag sensation and EWFM that she is feeling today usually comes day of + OPK and day of ovulate. So what’s going on??? Could we have missed her surge? She POAS ever 4 hours since day 13 but was drinking lots of grapefruit juice!! It could have been diluted.

My feeling is that she is ovulating today. Maybe right now, maybe last night or tonight?

So I tried to schedule an IUI.

But our doc is attending a VBAC, and the woman is 7 cm as of 3:00, so she may not be able to do the insem until 9 or 10 pm tonight. I think we have decided it is worth it, but are feeling confused.

S is feeling really bad, like everything is conspiring against her getting pregnant. And she doesn’t think she has the stamina to do this many more times.

I don’t know what to think. About continuing, about this cycle, about frozen sperm, about money, about OPKs, about LH surges, about IUIs.

Oh and did I mention it is our 5 year wedding anniversary? We have been together for 11 1/2 years. What a day.

Are we doing the right thing?????


3 Responses to “Did I Mention it’s our Anniversary??”

  1. Trista Says:

    Sorry I got to this so late. The Book says not to wait for a positive opk if you have three other fertility signs lining up. It sounds like with her sweaty night and her ewcm and her other signs that you’re right that she’s ovulating even as the opk lines get fainter…

    Maybe you should see if she can get a progesterone check to make sure she did ovulate?

  2. Holly Says:

    i’m sorry this is so trying for you guys. we had several cycles where we were getting light opks, but we were convinced it had to be time and did IUIs anyway. then, we found out that we had dud sperm for a few attempts.
    every month, during the process, we were convinced this month would work and wondered if we could take trying any more if it didn’t. then, the next month would come and the hope and excitement was right back and we couldn’t give up.
    If you don’t do/or do an IUI now, will you be wasting the sperm? or could you wait another month for a more clear positive?
    wishing you two best of luck!

  3. Sacha Says:

    OPKs worked well for us but they don’t for everyone. Some totally miss their surge. Once when were using the monitor I NEVER got a peak.

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