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ARG. Still No Positive August 4, 2006

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I feel like we can’t catch as break this time around.

Feeling really depressed.

S is so regular. We can’t believe we are at day 14 (cycles are usually 27 days with the occasional 26 or 28) with no positive OPK. Now usually, she gets a positive that is barely positive on day 13, like a little lighter than the control.

This time we switched to Clearblue Easy Sticks becuase they are so well rated. Today I went and bought the old tests (Rite Aid brand) so she can POAS twice each OPK check. Still nothing at the end of day 14.

Could her O really be pushed back becuase of TTC stress? We were not that stressed out, at least we don’t think we were. It would have felt within normal parameters for her to O on day 15 (which won’t happen bc we got no surge today), but not day 16!

God. We just feel really scared that we are missing something, or her surge was not detectable. If the timing is not right we will have wasted $1200 which we don’t have to begin with. Thank fucking god we got the nitro tank instead of the dry ice (which only lasts up to 48 hours).

There seems to be complication upon stress upon roadblock upon obstacle this time TTC. Even the part we thought would go smoothly (she’s really regular) is getting choppy. I’m reall discouraged.

Jeepers. Sorry for the long post full of whininess and chart details.


5 Responses to “ARG. Still No Positive”

  1. art-sweet Says:

    How many did you get? If you have more than one, I’d squirt at least one around now, on the odds that maybe these sticks just aren’t picking up the surge for some reason. Better that then missing it and wasting the $$.

  2. charlotte Says:

    Interesting art-sweet. But we can drive them back to the bank and they will store they will still be viable (because we got the nitro tank instead of dry ice so they are still at -200 degrees).

    That makes the decision harder!

  3. mermaidgrrrl Says:

    You’ll get there girls! This whole process sucks balls really, but apparently you forget all these horrible bits once the two lines show up on the pregnancy test and all stupid receptionists are immediately forgiven.

  4. Calliope Says:

    Hope you have a positive morning!!

  5. Trista Says:

    No, I wouldn’t squirt stuff up there hoping that you’re missing something… (sorry Art-sweet) because I just went through this… waiting and waiting and waiting. Peeing on sticks. Never getting a positive. And we have access to the fresh stuff, so we inseminated anyway because it’s free and what can it hurt. And nothin. Nada. No ovulation.

    I’d hate to see you waste the stuff if you can just send it back and have it stored.

    I really hope she gets a positive soon!

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