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Again, No. August 4, 2006

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It was morning pee which is apparently not the best to test for LH, but still. Nada.

Her cervical fluid is getting more copious though. And she was really sweaty last night, which has happened before a positive OPK before, but I can’t believe we are on day 15 with nothing.

I’m holding out hope, but just getting more discouraged every day. And this intense discouragement does not bode well for what will probably be a very long road of IUIs, TTWs, and negative HPTs.


2 Responses to “Again, No.”

  1. vee Says:

    sod’s law isn’t it.
    How long have you got in the tank?
    I don’t know how different it is with frozen swimmers, but i’ve always been told it’s worth a try if you have EWCM, so even if timing’s not perfect, you’re still in with a shot, right?
    Pretty bloddy annoying and stressful though.

  2. Calliope Says:

    I charted for months before my 1st insem. & then the month of my 1st IUI my cycle was SO wonky. I think the anticipation has the same effect as stress. It’s like watching a pot boil.

    But the cm is a very good sign!!

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