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ug. August 1, 2006

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Stupid lesbian sperm bank.

Over the weekend we made a difficult and heartfelt decision to use Dimples.

Enter stupid lesbian sperm bank.

Dimples donor is not available after all. Even though I called to confirm TWICE. And asked about the # of vials available early last week to see if we needed to rush our decision. According to Nice but New and Uninformed Receptionist (NNIR) there were 25 vials. I faxed my order form in on Friday for one Tall Guy vial and one Dimples vial.

I get a call today from NNIR…sorry Dimples is not available. None. Yes, she admits, their WEBSITE was wrong, yes, they were wrong both times I called.

I am so fucking irritated.

So I ask NNIR more questions about the waiting list and such, and it turns out that we still may be able to get Dimples stuff if someone on his waiting list doesn’t purchase vials. I had to keep asking questions. How many people are on the list who have not called: 4. How long do they have to call: until midnight on Wednesday.

S ovulates on Thursday. So I need to head over for the pickup (an hour and a half drive) without knowing which vials I’m getting. And we wanted a morning insem. And this better not cost extra.

I am trying to reframe this as an exciting twist which makes the sperm procurement more exciting. Not sure if I buy it though.

You may wonder why are we not just using the other sperm we BOUGHT? Because S really wants to start with Dimples, and by the time we made up our mind, it was MADE UP.

Stupid lesbian sperm bank.


3 Responses to “ug.”

  1. vee Says:

    Oh you didn’t go and make up your mind and come to a firm decision about something, did you? That’s the signal for them to move the goalposts!! Somebody really should have told you that.

    Seriously, that’s really annoying and no doubt upsetting too. Don’t these people realise the sheer amount of emotional energy that goes into making decisions like this. It’s not like picking icecream flavours!!

    I’m hanging out for Dimples for you, but whichever you end up with though, I hope things go well.

  2. Calliope Says:

    sheesh! You just can’t get a break when it comes to this stuff.
    WWhat a complete bummer. I hope Dimples is ready & waiting for you guys.

  3. Estelle Says:

    Stupid lesbian sperm bank.
    Also rooting for Dimples.

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