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We have chosen the sperm…kinda July 29, 2006

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We have a green light for an August 4th insemination. We have chosen the sperm. We have ordered the sperm.

The funny part is that we ultimately could not, at all, after a billion discussions, reviews with our friends, if our lives depended on it, choose one donor. So we bought 1 vial from each donor. And we still don’t know which one we will use a week from today. It would appear that we will use the other guy the next month if it does not work…and hey it’s frozen sperm – it will not work the 1st time.

I want this to work so badly after all this waiting. I’m trying to steel myself for the 2ww.

The first guy, Tall Guy, looks like me (according to sperm bank staff), and we like him, but he is super skinny and has poor eyesight. How bad is that??

The second guy, dimples, looks like S and nothing like me, but is super good looking and has a GREAT personality. Both are handsome. Both have interesting smart families. Both have a similar amount of familial medical issues.

One looks like me so we want to use him, we like the other guy better so we want to use him. No matter what we try to hypothesize, let go of, list, or prioritize we can’t decide.

Are we some crazy ass lesbians or what?


2 Responses to “We have chosen the sperm…kinda”

  1. Sacha Says:

    How exciting. I’ll be crossing everything for you on the 4th.

  2. tonya cinnamon Says:

    no its hard decsion to make. sperm is just not sperm. its a baby your making:-D
    do make you pro and cons list up and try from there if that dont work close your eyes and pick lol. good luck either way to you both 😀 hugs!!!
    aug 4th is a good day:D

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