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Feltility Help July 29, 2006

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K. All of a sudden I’m freaking out! We will inseminate next Thursday. Thursday, as in 5 days from now. I am so friggin excited and I would love y’alls input about timing.

As you know, last time we used the fresh stuff, so timing was easier. The Sperm Bank literature recommends inseminating the evening of your 1st positive OPK, then again the next morning (12 hours later). We have decided we can only afford one IUI per cycle. So do we do it that night? I don’t even know if our doc will do it at night. What does ‘night’ mean? Or the next morning? Afternoon? Jesus. Why haven’t I been researching this stuff?

Here’s the bodily fluids deal. S’s cycles are fairly regular, mostly 27 days (sometimes 26 or 28). She always has wet mucus the day she ovulates, some months she gets the super great eggwhite on her peak day, once in a while on the day after ovulation. All OPKs have been positive on day 13 regardless of cycle length. I am embarrassed to say that we have only temped one cycle (we thought we would be using fresh sperm, and temping with a kid in bed with you or god forbid waking yourself up before they wake you up at some ungodly hour has just been unpalatable.) Anyhoo.

Question # 1: Do you think it is ok to do only one per cycle?
Question # 2: When should we do the IUI?
Question # 3: Is there anything else we should do this week?

I cannot tell you people how excited we are to finally be asking these types of questions. We are beyond ready. Thank all of you again for all of your support and humor.

P.S. We do plan to start temping tomorrow, and will bust out the trustly speculum so I can check her cervix. But I must tell you dear friends that the last thing I want to do is have anything with her vajayjay. I know, I know, I’m a bad person, but seriously…she is currently recovering from a cold, has copious snot, is whiny from being sick, has a rash on her ass and has PINK EYE.

Sexy stuff.


7 Responses to “Feltility Help”

  1. Trista Says:

    Well, as you could probably guess given what you know of me, Kristin had to look at her cervix by herself. She was able to do it with a mirror between her legs and a flashlight. I think that you could gently suggest to her that she explore her body herself…

  2. Holly Says:

    We only did 1 IUI per cycle due to cost. We used the ovulation predictor kits and when Lois had a positive, we inseminated the next day. Our OB suggested this. She said that the OPK comes positive, it means you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hours and the sperm lives for 24-48 hours so the next day is fine.
    The time it worked, Lois got a positive OPK on Wed. afternoon and Thurs. afternoon, we did the IUI.
    Wishing you good luck!

  3. Brooke Says:

    First – hooray for insemming!!!! I’m so happy that you guys are ready to do this – I hope that things go smoothly & with any luck, this will be the only time you’ll be doing it 🙂

    I’ll second what Holly said as it’s what my dr. also suggested. Reading in Toev’s & Brill, they recommend similarly w/ an IUI (of course, they recommend doing a minimum of 2 IUIs per cycle, however, I am not a well-known author that rakes in thousands & thousands of dollars & thus, only 1 insem per month for us as well). The cervical mucus is a great indicator of impending fertility, but is really there for the sperm to swim through – something that is by-passed w/ an IUI. Inseminating right at the onset of FM may be a tad too early since you’re putting the swimmers right where they need to be. If OPKs work for S, that might be a good way to time the insems. Geesh, isn’t this timing crap such a pain? Sorry for the long post – GOOD LUCK!

  4. Brooke Says:

    ps. I’ve done most of my cervix gazing alone – it’s really quite easy. I use one of those mini flashlights, a small hand mirror, & a plastic spec. Piece of cake.

  5. charlotte Says:

    Post away Brooke! And thanks for your input Holly. I want all the info, recommendations, and ‘what worked for you’ s possible. It is good to hear that others are doing only one per cycle. We also conseidered doing one vaginal and one IUI to cut down on cost.

  6. hd Says:

    I only did one IUI per cycle as well, and my doc only did insems the day after a postive OPK. As for cervix gazing, I opted out of that particular activity. Good luck–very excited for you!

  7. Calliope Says:

    I only did (do) one IUI per cycle. I would call my RE the day of my positive opk & would have the IUI the next day.
    I have never cervix gazed. I know I must be missing out.

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