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Update July 18, 2006

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Still trying to pick a donor. We seem to be overwhelmed by big stuff lately. We may sell our home, I am starting to try to build my practice, and S’s job is changing. TTC just continues to feel overwhelming. We are resigned to the frozen sperm, but not yet excited about it. Partly this is because the donors we want keep being unavailable, or not available for a few months, or are great except for horrible eyesight, with an astigmatism, which S already has. Choosing the right donor is proving very difficult indeed. It is especially hard that we can’t even get attached to one we like.

Everything lately is about detachment, trust and letting go.

F that 🙂

Oh, and we murdered a plant yesterday. Said plant was just too big, and needed to go. It was over 8 feet tall. We were slowly killing it by starving it to death, but then we got motivated to make some home changes and just hacked it to bits and moved the pot. Now the space looks empty and the emptiness reminds us our murderous ways.


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. tonya cinnamon Says:

    life is about change..
    my quote of the day ..
    you take the bad with the good and learn from it.:)
    easier said then done.. one day though you all will have the karma in place and it will fall together . and you will find the best super sperm out there;)

  2. oneoftwo Says:

    I can definitely understand being a bit overwhelmed. As our insemination day comes closer I get more and more nervous (maybe even a bit frightened). Good luck with the choosing and TTC!

  3. Lo Says:

    F that indeed….

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