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ADOPTION DAY June 24, 2006

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LM is officially legally S’s son.

We were not sure if we wanted to celebrate something that should already exist. I mean, yay the state of California is telling us that LM is S’s child, when of course he is.

But holy crap.


We get a new birth certificate with both of our names on it. A legal record with both of our names as both of his parents. Both of his parents. Two moms with equal legal rights.

We were so grumpy about having to shell out $800, and filing all this court paperwork and shit and feeling like we shouldn’t have to and how homophobic, that we didn’t look up to see the good, the great, the fact that we get a birth certificate with two queer women’s names on it. I mean seriously.

The judge told us that this is the best part of his day, and the best part of his job.

He signed the papers.

We took a picture.

Then we left and played all day with our son. OUR son.

And somehow this weight we did not realize was there was lifted. We were seen. I mean the state sees us and says we are a family.

I know that the state says other nasty things about us, and that other people’s states make it expressly illegal for queer families to adopt. I know that some of the world still hates us.

But not today.


9 Responses to “ADOPTION DAY”

  1. M. Says:



  2. vee Says:

    No,not today!

    Congratulations to you and your family!

  3. Lo Says:

    Yay!!! Happy Two Mommies Day, LM!

  4. Tamsin Says:

    That is the best best news!

    Congratulations to a legally recognised family :o)

  5. Brooke Says:

    As insulting as it can seem sometimes (that we even need to spend the money; grumble, grumble), it is also definitely a GOOD thing. Many, many congratulations on having this legal recognition! Happy, happy!

  6. eryn Says:


  7. Calliope Says:

    What wonderful wonderful news.

  8. Trista Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is inexpressibly lovely.

  9. Robin Says:

    Congrats! Something more to celebrate! I won’t mar the happy occasion by telling you how much that process costs in Texas. At least it’s still possible in TX, yes. What a crazy world. But the old saying is true, I think: Love conquers all. Enjoy your wonderful family.

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