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You Never Know June 1, 2006

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I have some big news. No, nothing is decided yet, but there has been an interesting development. The Wife (who I now need a better nickname for, for the realz…you will see why in a bit) has arrived. We had dinner a few nights ago. No sperm talk. Everything feels normal. The Wife invites me to lunch today. And says…

“I found and read your entire blog”.

So I would like to send a “welcome” SHOUT OUT to The Wife.


She read the entire blog.

Was I shocked? Yes. Was I mad? No. Would I have read the entire thing in her position? Absolutely. But it is taking some adjustment time. To reset myself with the fact that she knows WAY more than I have told her.

It kinda freaks me out, but I reread the whole blog myself, and I have nothing to be embarrassed about. It is just my journey. And it is honest and even funny. I am actually surprised by how clearly I have written about some very difficult and complex issues. It was nice to reread it whilst not in the midst of all of the intense feelings I have gone through.


Hah! Well. There is still no sperm answer. They come over tonight for dinner. I will keep you posted on As the Sperm World Turns.

I have been honest and uncensored thus far, and don’t plan to change that.

P.S. I have had so much friendship drama (thank you for the comments and especially the fab emails) that I have been unable to focus on anything else for the last week. But it is over. More later.


6 Responses to “You Never Know”

  1. Calliope Says:

    been thinking about you.
    wow on the new reader!
    I think it is great that you guys were able to talk about that. & plus now she knows how many folks can really vouch for how awesome you are!

  2. Lo Says:

    oooh can’t wait to hear new developments. And you are indeed a very clear writer, you often give voice to things I have more difficulty pinning down….

  3. tonya cinnamon Says:

    so she found your blog. .heheh kinds funny if you think about it.
    well look at it this way if she didnt know by now she does and knows where you all stand at things.:)
    hopefully it will go forward and more better now..__hugs__

  4. Trista Says:

    Wow. I guess she really knows how you feel now. That can only be a good thing…

    Glad the friend drama is over, did you get my email?

  5. Liz Says:

    I just finished reading through your entire blog and I wanted to delurk and send you all the sperm donor working out how you want dust i can find (if such a thing exists). I see you haven’t posted in a while so i hope things are developing too quickly in a good way for you to post. I got your site from Sasha’s blog (who i should leave a comment for too) I got to her blog from FF. I am TTC with my DH and its nice to keep my struggles in perspective by reading all types of TTC stories. I wish you nothing but loving, happy, calm baby making days ahead.

  6. katty Says:

    Hello. Can I please ask your advice. Or could you point me where to look? how did you find possible knonwn – and genuinely real people – donors? why do you prefer this to sperm bank donors? I’m using DI myself, but i didn’t know how to go down a known donor route (I did ask a friend, but he said no, because his wife didn’t agree).

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