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The Interview May 17, 2006

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I agreed to be interviewed by Lo. My interview follows. If any of y’all want me to interview you…let me know. Are you chicken? Too scared of the raw and probing questions that would come from a therapist?? Bwahaha.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

1) I/we all know you’re a mom, and a chef. What other hobbies/pastimes are dear to your heart?
Nothing. I am a pathetic loser with no interests. Really. At one point I dabbled in photography, but I have NO extracurricular activities.

2) What would you say is the best part of being a mom for you? The hardest?
The best part is the leg hug. You know the running and slamming into my legs and hugging them, or hiding behind them. Oooooh, and when he says “mommeee”. Jesus, nothing prepares you for that.

Also when LM was born. After a very long labor (36 hours) S helped the midwife put him all warm and slippery on my chest. I still cry every time I think about it. Magic.

The hardest part is that I have no time for myself. And if I am bitchy, or sick, or tired, and I want to watch TV or nap, too bad for me.

3) Of your various ethnicities, is there one you identify with more than another?
I identify most with my Mexican heritage. I feel connected to Mexico in my soul. The food, the colors, the land. I also feel connected to my Jewish family (an ethno-religious ethnicity), but did not grow up with any of the religious practices. I am discovering those in my adult life.

4) What drew you to being a therapist?
My fucked up alcoholic family. I have wanted to be a therapist since I was 12 years old. I was my parent’s marriage counselor and mediator. Not healthy. Really messed up stuff. But because of my past I have a tremendous amount of compassion and a deep understanding of family dynamics. Oh, and I did my own therapy. Never see a therapist who has not seen a therapist. For a long time. Seriously.

5) Do you love where you live? If you could live anywhere else in the world, would you? (And where would it be?)
I love where I live. Today S and I took our son to the farmer’s market. There were hippies playing drums, guitars, didgeridoos and friggin amplified sitars! You have to love it. Additionally there are lots of the gays here 🙂

I would not want to live anywhere else for more than a few years. I would spend a few years in Mexico and a few years in New Zealand. I love New Zealand and Australia. S and I honeymooned there.

P.S. If anyone has any other questions for me (really anything) ask away!


8 Responses to “The Interview”

  1. Lo Says:

    So not to be an interview slut (I know, too late) but I think it would be cool to be interviewed by you.

    It would only be my, uh, third.

  2. Calliope Says:

    just put your questions up.

  3. charlotte Says:

    Calliope, I was going to tailor them to particular people, am I doing it wrong?

  4. Calliope Says:

    oh – I meant I just put your questions up (tailor made just for you!) on my blog. Sorry!! very unintentional snappy comment earlier – it was not meant as a command!!

  5. Lo Says:

    If I may give my two cents, I think the idea of the meme is to tailor the questions to specific people (though I think asking everyone the same questions is one take on it)….I am loving this meme because I get to read everyone’s interviews with each other!!! I guess I’m kind of a gossip.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    If I’d known I could be interviewed twice I’d have been slapping my name up all over the place…..

    Count me in for round two. I’ve spent too many years in therapy to be scared of you Charlotte. lol.

  7. Sacha Says:

    Hey, I’ll be interviewed! Sounds like fun.

  8. M. Says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

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