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Spell Check?? May 15, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — charlotte @ 5:07 pm

Don’t you love telling the lamest spell check program on the FUCKING PLANET (the blogger one) to “learn” words like fucking, jeebus, and farting.

But of course it never learns.

Can we even call it a spell check??? Does it in fact check the spelling of words? WTF?

And the “replace with” words it comes up with. Holy.Seriously, by farting I don’t mean “partying” or “frothing” or “parading”. Please.


3 Responses to “Spell Check??”

  1. Lo Says:

    Back in my college days we enjoyed teaching the spell check program words like “hegemony” and “patriarchy.” Ah, youth. Now I spend my day around, well, farting.

  2. art-sweet Says:

    Combining farting and frothing makes me think of Dan Savage’s definition of Santorum.

    Sorry if that’s way too much insight into my twisted mind for one evening.

  3. mermaidgrrrl Says:

    It frustrates me so much that now I’d rather not use it and have bad spelling than struggle to interpret “cunt” for it.

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