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I Can’t Think of a Good Title May 9, 2006

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May is getting slightly better. I have two interviews this week. I suppose it is a good thing, but both pay like shit and are a 45 minute commute from my home. Oh well. At least I have some interviews. It is hard though, to switch to a professional mindset when my life has been about poop, boobs, and clapping “yay” for two years.

On the sperm front: PKD leaves in a week to get The Wife and pack her up to drive out here for good. They arrive on the 24th of May and should have a decision in a few weeks.


No, really I am happy that we will be decided within the month. To their credit, they are determined to try to make a decision as quickly as possible once she is out here.

S and I are going to register at the “bank” and be ready to move on if (I’m kinda assuming when) we get the big PKD “N-O”. The Wife and I have been emailing of late. I really do like her.

Anyhoo…It feels good to have taken some time off from TTC and the plan is to remain calm.

Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell me it is impossible. Let me retain some hope, albeit unrealistic, that we can have some calmness and non-obsessive joy while TTC.


2 Responses to “I Can’t Think of a Good Title”

  1. Calliope Says:

    been thinking about you guys. 1 month, eh?

    & HIGH FIVE on the job interviews. yay! Hope at least one of them turns out to be worth the commute.

  2. Lo Says:

    On most days, I tell people my job is worth the commute (an hour by train, which is pretty normal for my area) so I know it’s possible. Here’s hoping it happens to you.

    I am impressed (seriously) that you have forged a womanly bond with Wife. It’s too easy to blame them. (as I know from my own experience.) And yay for registering…we’re going to do that, too, regardless of our KD “nibbles.”

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