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My Little Monster April 25, 2006

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LM talks. He is 19 months old and talks a great deal for his age (have anything to do with one mommy being a therapist?)

He now puts words together, in sentences. But mostly he puts two words together, to come up with such phrases as “mama, fun” or his regarding his friend Eli “Eli, happy”. He also says “fart” when you do one. He copies my “alrighty.” He also mimics the way I say fuck under my breath “fuuuuck“, which is lovely.

I love his language. I love it when he talks so much that I can barely listen to him sometimes.

Oh, and he started getting obsessed recently with underwear…”undies.” He doesn’t want us to put on our pants he just wants to talk about our undies. So we got him some (little biti man underwear with dogs and bones on them). He wears them!! And he tells us when he needs to pee, but not always. I desperately want to post a pic of this but don’t dare, unfortunately, because of all the weirdos in the world. So please just imagine it. Imagine the cuteness and the strutting involved.


3 Responses to “My Little Monster”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I put Lauren in a pair of panties this morning. She promptly peed in them 5 minutes after I walked out the door but boy was she cute until then.

    I also thought of posting a picture but decided against it for the same reasons.

    It is stories about children repeating bad words that makes me actually glad that Lauren doesn’t talk much 😉

  2. Lo Says:

    There is a marvelous children’s song called “Underwear.” Sounds like LM needs a copy…. (“Underwear is everywhere but mostly under me….”…it only gets better from there)

  3. Whimsy Says:

    Under ME?

    I always thought it said UNDERNEATH!!!!

    BTW That’s why livejournal is better bc then you could friends lock things like pictures of little dudes in undies.

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