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The Food Blog April 20, 2006

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I will still post here. I swear. About my life. But my newest project is doing a food blog with Sacha and Co. Yay. A new outlet for me blog energy.

But I need a little mini TTC rant. Now that our PKD is a maybe, we have had to tell every-friggin-body in our lives, and it sucks ass. Ok one sentence is all I am allowed.

OK one more: I know people mean well, but I get frustrated when there is an assumtion that we have not thought of everything, of every possible option like a billion times.


4 Responses to “The Food Blog”

  1. art-sweet Says:

    Y’know Charlotte, some of the sperm banks have willing-to-be-known donors…


    Vent all you like, we’ll still be here.


  2. M. Says:

    There really is nothing like some good solid ass-vice.

    Hey, have you thought about…

  3. mermaidgrrrl Says:

    I find it remarkable that people who have not once in their life ever had to think about donor insemination suddenly start thinking they have some sort of magical answer to all the issues it raises. Dickheads.

  4. Lo Says:

    A Note To Charlotte and Everybody Else: YEAH.
    (My mom suggested I procreate with my cousin. For the 2nd time. I could give more examples, but this is your blog and I can go rant on my own)
    Note to Straight World: We Know More Than You Do On This Topic — Lo

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