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Sperm Poll March 31, 2006

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Just curious about some stuff.

Frozen Sperm Folks:
How many of you use ICIs vs. IUI (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it refers to whether your frozen sperm is meant for vaginal insemination, or intrauterine insemination – which a doc or midwife must do) ?
How many tries did it take (pregnancy achieved) or what attempt # are you on?
Were you stressed out (I know it’s relative) when you conceived, if you did?

And for the fresh sperm users…the following questions:

Do/did you travel to your KD, or him to you?
Did you use a children’s medicine syringe (or similar thingie)?
Orgasm or not (generally)?
How many insems per cycle?
How many tries did it take (pregnancy achieved) or what attempt # are you on?
Were you stressed out (I know it’s relative) when you conceived, if you did?


17 Responses to “Sperm Poll”

  1. ProudMommasSF Says:

    We used frozen IUI for ICI- at home. We used 2 vials and got pregnant on our 3rd try.YAY!! EDD 10/31/06. My dp was taking prenatals, evening primrose oil, drinking fertility tea,flaxseed oil and we used pre-seed for the 1 st time on the sucessful cycle. Additionally, she used a natural progesterone cream from day 14 on. Hope that helps!

  2. Beth Says:

    We’re using frozen for IUIs done at the sperm bank (by a Nurse Practitioner). We’re on our first try, currently 2 days past the second insemination (doing 2 insems per cycle). The day of the insemination was a little stressful, since my ovulation seemed timed to cause maximum inconvenience to everyone, but we’re relatively unstressed so far.

  3. Sophia Says:

    0 for 9 here

    IUI #1 no meds
    IUI #2 50mg Clomid
    IUI #3 100mg Clomid
    IUI #4 Gonal-F and HCG shot (2IUI’s)

    IVI #1 through #5 using fresh
    KD comes to house and we use an oral medicine syringe. This past cycle which looked like a chemical we used preseed. We try for one to three tries per cycle.

  4. Calliope Says:

    currently using frozen ICI sperm & having the clinic wash it for IUI. (the clinic does cooler things than the banks does)
    am at the end of a 2ww that doesn’t look promising.

    This was my 10th IUI.

  5. Sarah and BB Says:

    We used fresh. It took us 5 tries.

    We drove to our donor, did one insem at each try.

    We used a syringe, don’t know if it was a children’s thing, but I think it was an 8 or 10 cc syringe.

    The first 4 tries, we had an orgasm. Last try we didn’t. Also in the last try, BB only drank this German fertility herbal tea.

    Whatever it was, it worked.

    Stress was there, but mostly because of the long drive and mostly on my part. BB was/always is as cool as a cucumber!

  6. hd Says:

    I’m getting ready to tackle frozen donor cycle 7 after a 4-month break. We started last May, got pregnant and miscarried try #3 (my first with Clomid), then tried again 3 more times (2 with Clomid, 1 natural). Yes, I grew increasingly more stressed with each try…hence the break. I’m vowing to get a better handle on that this go-round. Oh, and all 6 were IUIs in a doctor’s office, 1 per cycle.

  7. Sara Says:

    We have been doing to whole process at our fertility clinic with frozen IUI-prepared sperm

    Month 1: Clomid 25mg with HCG trigger shot & one IUI

    Month 2: Same as month 1 but added daily progesterone suppositories after ovulation.

    Month 3: Same as month 3 but added Estrogen supplement before ovulation.

    Month 4: Clomid 50mg and two IUI’s with the estrogen, progesterone and HGC trigger.

    Month 5: Same as month 4 with our new frozen donor.

    Month 6: One IUI with a double dose of sperm and the same Clomid/Estrogen/HCG/Progesterone combo.

    All of those tries were negative of course. We are moving on to month 7 where I will be taking 100mg of Clomid and doing 2 IUIs.

    I really, really hope that your TTC journey is a very short one!!!

  8. ~ danielle Says:

    We used fresh sperm for both kids.

    For Bub (5yo):
    Our KD lived about 30 minutes away. We travelled to him, his wife helped him get it (they knew how to do it the ‘right’ sterile way because they had to do fertility treatments for their first two kids), we went home and insemmed. We used one of those medicine syringes. I did O after each insem. We did insemmed two times that cycle. We got pregnant on that first cycle. I was taking EPO, folic acid and chaste tree berry (trying to regulate my cycles, they are 35 – 42 days). I was very stressed when we got pregnant, we were living in a camper at dp’s parents for the summer (to save money). I was also sick the cycle we insemmed (cold or allergies or something).

    For Ms. Baby (7 mos, via dp’s uterus):
    Our KD lived an hour away. We dropped off the container and cooler, and he called when he was done and we came back and picked it up. Again, we used the med syringes. DP o’d after the first couple insems, but not the last ones. We insemmed two times each cycle. She got pregnany on cycle #3 (I think we may have compromised the sperm on the first two cycles by not keeping it body temp). She used Emerita progesterone cream each cycle from ovulation until af (or temp dip).
    DP was also taking folic acid and Floridax (iron). The cycle she got pregnant on we were definitely stressed. She had expected things to happen on the first cycle like the did for me when we conceived Bub, so after two cycles and no double pink lines, she was way disappointed. We did the last few insems in the car, while I was driving (rather than wait until we got home) – how romantic 😉 And on the last cycle she was ready to give up/take a break and was certain she was not pregnant. Ha!

    I’m glad the kd’s wife is cool – with Bub’s donor, his wife made all the difference.

  9. marta Says:

    this is a good question and i’m glad to read your responses.

    we are on the 2ww of cycle 5. we have been using frozen ICI and doing it at home. we did 4 cycles with a donor who had 15 known pregnancies at the time. this is the first cycle with a new donor. he’s new to the program so he has no known pregnancies. i’m hoping to be the first!! this is the first month we used pre-seed. i used soy during the 3rd month, and it made ovulation come on cd 15 (as opposed to 18-21 the previous months). stress has definitely played a part on this journey. i think it’s the reason for my late ovulation. the cycle that i used soy i also was on xmas break from school and work, so i may have been a lot less stressed.

    i hope this helps (someone, anyone). i enjoy your blog and have it listed on my blog.

  10. dlvc Says:

    My wife is in month 7 of our first pregnancy. We did frozen, ICI at home, 2 vials per cycle, about 12 hours apart. It worked on month 2. Yes–we realize we owe the karma bank big time. The interventions we did were Mucinex to thin cervical mucus, progesterone cream after insemination to extend the luteal phase, and accupuncture in the months leading up to insem to get cycle more regular and luteal phase of sufficient length for implantation. We religiously followed the fertility awareness method and tracked for about 6 months before trying. A midwife friend gave a FAM class that helped us a ton.

  11. dlvc Says:

    I forgot to say that my wife was ridiculously stressed out when it worked!! She was working about 70 hours a week and we were a mess. We even cursed ourselves for “wasting the sperm” by trying during such a crazy time.

  12. M. Says:

    Our donor lives about 15 minutes away and up until this cycle we would pick up at his house. He’d call when he started and we’d head over to his area and then he’d call again when he was ready for us to pull into the driveway for the handoff.

    This cycle, we did the above once but mostly he came to our house and we um, left him alone and went for a walk with our cell phone. Then he called when he was ready for us to come home. We initially wanted to do it this way but he wasn’t comfortable with this setup. This cycle he offered to do it this way thinking the slightly fresher sperm may be better.

    We decided we hugely prefer him coming over since we feel less rushed on time and Sacha has plenty of time to get positioned while it liquifies. It’s just been so much more relaxed than dashing across town, hoping not to hit red lights with semen in our armpits.

    We use 5cc syringes with a very short cath tip just to make it a bit longer and also easier to draw the swim team up with.

    Sacha usually has an O after the insems, or at least 50% of the time…really has to do with how tired she is. I’m happy if she does it at least some of the insems each cycle.

    We’ve done from 2-5 insems per cycle. (Our donor has contracted to do up to 5 per cycle and was even willing to do 6 this time!) If this cycle doesn’t work, I think we’ll try every other day in which case we probably won’t do more than 3 insems per cycle. (I’d recommend getting a semen analysis done to see how often will be best with your donor.)

    You mean how many tries WILL it take? I hope only 4 tries, as that’s the tww we’re currently in.

    I don’t see how you can do this and not be stressed out…most women trying hard to conceive are stressed out…add to that known donor stress or timing stress with frozen sperm. It’s pretty hard to avoid. Sacha’s acupuncturist said this week that after looking at her charts, she thinks they’re being affected by stress (eyes rolling) and that she should try to reduce her stress. She had to laugh while saying this though, knowing how hard that is.

  13. Estelle Says:

    Done em both-

    ICI at home
    Three insems over a five day period, happened first time.
    Majorly stressed out, convinced (for many reasons) that the timing was wrong, worried that GW would win the election (it was on election day that we did the last one) and Jean was super super sick. It worked though!

    He came to us. Well, we lived in the same city, so it wasn’t a big deal
    We used a catheter and syringe
    Orgasm depended on her mood, but most of the time not
    4 insems over a six day period
    Pregnant first time (m/c) second time (ectopic termination), fifth time (ectopic), and sixth time (m/c). Never did it again after that. This was over a 20 month period
    Not stressed the first two times, but after that, yes. Because we wanted to MAKE and KEEP a baby

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  17. K77 Says:

    Lots of fresh cycles, about 30 I think. Usually insemmed anywhere btwn 2 and 4 times per cycle, used a 3CC syringe, or a 5CC if I couldn’t get a 3. Sometimes orgasm, usually not. For about the fist year and on occasion after that I’d pick up from donor’s workplace and insem in the car. During the second year I’d go to his place early in the morning before work. Late last year and this year he moved in with his mother while he built a new house and I’d pick up from him on his way to the bus stop and insem in the car. It’s been class all the way I tell you despite the complete and utter lack of success.

    Using frozen for IVF now.

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