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The Wife (KD’s) Kicks Ass March 28, 2006

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Oh, BTW The Wife and I have been emailing. She is so f*cking great. Funny. Insightful. I told her how I was feeling and she just completely understands and is bursting with excitment to move here, for us to get started on baby makin’, to get to know us better.

I told her exactly when S. is ovulating in June and was trying to play it cool, like we can start that ovulation if you are feeling settled enough, but no pressure. What’s her response?

She says I can’t wait to move out there so we can get started, and if it works the 1st try you guys will have a March baby…how exciting. Is this chick for real? She did her own due date calcualtions! And it’s not freaky. I heart her.

Don’t worry there is no impending crush on her…wouldn’t that just round it all out. Ha ha.


2 Responses to “The Wife (KD’s) Kicks Ass”

  1. Calliope Says:


    I am so happy that all four of you found each other.

  2. Estelle Says:

    Awesome! I heart her too, for your sake of course.

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