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IT SLEEEEEEEPS March 24, 2006

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My little beastie slep 9 hours straight the last two nights.

That’s right people. NINE HOURS.

We did a modified cry it out thing, and instead of taking him to our bed when he does his between 11 and midnight screaming, we left him to sleep in his own little crib. And he did.

Night one: S. got up (and had to go downstairs*) 9 times.
Night two: S. got up (and had to go downstairs*) 10 times
Night three: HE SLEPT 9 HOURS STRAIGHT – woke up at 6am
Night four: HE SLEPT 9 HOURS STRAIGHT – woke up at 7am

*S. had to go because I wanted to do the full on cry it out. So whatev lady, if you want to go running downstairs 1,000 times a night go for it. But it worked so I can’t complain.

I am a person again. I mean, I did not sleep for 9 hours straight, because I go to bed later than him, but it will happen. I have hope. I have sleep hope. SLEEP HOPE. I have not had any sleep OR any sleep hope in 2 years.

Now if we don’t have sex it is due to the general exhaustion of parenthood and lesbian bed death, not due to our toddler kicking S. and sucking on my boobs all night.

I’m doin’ a jig!


3 Responses to “IT SLEEEEEEEPS”

  1. Calliope Says:

    wooo hooooo!
    Congrats, sleeping beauty!

    & LOVE the new look btw!

  2. Trista Says:


    Now if only I could get Kristin to agree to such an experiment…

  3. Merr Says:

    You go guys. I know it is hard at first to hear them cry, but after a few nights they just sleep. That is so great. Happy Sleeping to you!

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