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It’s a YES !!! March 15, 2006

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Ladies, our PKD is officially our KD. For the reals this time.

A 6′ tall, greek, kind, great bone structure, smart, compassionate, funny as hell, lovely KD with a smart, funny interesting wife.

We had a fab dinner. They made butternut squash and ricotta lasagne with a blood orange, grape, roasted garbanzo bean salad. Yum.

KD brought up the donor issue, right after dinner. He said that they talked a great deal about it, and they would love to help us have a baby. No strings attached. But they want to wait to start until she moves here…in May. (BTW as soon as they left I rushed to the computer to look at S.’s ovulation prediction for May – we will miss it – but I know you TTC crazies out there would understand my bolt to the computer.)

We start in June.

I need nicknames for both of them now. Any suggestions are welcome. (I asked about this earlier, and The Boss is what we decided on but we are trying to minimize the whole he’s her boss thing.) PLEASE HELP…I want really good ones.

So The Wife talked a bit about her process, the questions and concerns she had. It appears that she had her concerns and questions (what about when we have kids, who are these lesbians anyway, what if we stop being friends with them at some point, what about the kids relationship with KD) answered by KD. They pretty much showed up with a yes. Unbelievable.

At one point I started to cry, while telling them how grateful I was that he was going to be in my genetic stead. They teared. S. teared. It really is an intimate undertaking. They asked about the literal process, so we had a brief, no lube, come in a cup, put it in a syringe…

I must interrupt the story to report that KD just called (they just got home) to talk to S. Apparently he wanted to tell her that on the way home he and Wife were just feeling really great about helping us create our family, and think we should have had a group hug when they left. WTF. Could they be any greater?

Back to the story…we put on a headlamp and put the swimmers on a cervix, talk. They cracked up when we told them about our insems to conceive LM. We talked more. We laughed. They reclined and cuddled on our couch. We ate buttery toasted scones with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. We laughed more. I told them that I did not know what words to use to thank them.

Saying thank you feels like such a tiny phrase for such a big gift.


10 Responses to “It’s a YES !!!”

  1. Tamsin Says:

    That’s just the best news – so happy for you :o)
    I would have rushed straight to the computer to check ovulation dates too!
    Love the “yay” pic too – very clever.

  2. Sarah and BB Says:

    That is great news!!


    I know exactly how you feel about the “not knowing how to say thanks for such a great gift”!

    Can’t wait til you guys get started!!

  3. Calliope Says:

    HOLY ^&(%^*$&^$&%&#!!!!!

    wooooooo hoooooooo!!!! This is the best news. I am so happy for all of you.

    As for a name—well Apollo comes to mind πŸ™‚

  4. Sacha Says:

    YAY! I’m so, so, so, happy for you. Come on June…. And it was the same way with DtD. He walked into the initial meeting after the ask with an automatic ‘yes’. Feels fucking fantastic, doesn’t it? I have such a strong feeling of rightness for you, it’s overwhelming. Wow, wow, wow.

    My ISP is giving our blog some sort of internet heartburn so I’ll tell you here. We tested and it’s negative (because I’m going crazy) but my temp is up and NO PERIOD. This is my crash and burn day and I’m still flying high.

  5. Brooke Says:

    Whoa. What fan-fucking-tastic news. Sending many, many hoorahs your way!

  6. Sarah and BB Says:


    we’ve been updating the blog.

    Click the refresh button when you get to our blog and you will be surprised as too how much we’ve written.

    Don’t know any other way to contact you. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  7. Trista Says:


    How awesome.

  8. Merr Says:

    Wow that’s great news! I am very happy for you guys.

  9. Kiles Says:

    fantastic news πŸ™‚

  10. Lo Says:

    Yay for your family!!!!

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