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SLEEP March 14, 2006

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I want my bed back. I want baby free snuggling, whispering, spontaneous sex, boob grabbing, fighting, wrestling, massaging, some talking, and some SLEEPING.

I want the co-sleeping baby OUT. He is 18 months old, and needs to go. I think I waited too long to do this because I am so done. We begin the cry it out on Friday night. Poor little beast gets no more sleeping with mommies and no more boobies. All night. I hope this works because if it does not I am going to loose my mind.

People, I calculated over the weekend, that I have not had a SOLID EIGHT HOUR STRETCH OF SLEEP IN 2 YEARS!!

Yes, including the night peeing, rolling over and general insomnia of pregnancy, I have had no sleep in 2 years.

It is beyond time.


5 Responses to “SLEEP”

  1. Kiles Says:

    I wish you luck with moving him out. My thoughts are with you. 🙂

  2. ~ danielle Says:

    ah, I feel your pain. Bub didn’t sleep more than 2 hrs at a stretch until he was 2.5 yo. What did it for us was moving him out of our bed, but keeping him in our room. We put a twin size bed across the room (not snuggled up to our bed like some folks do – that’s just one big bed imho and defeats the purpose). Anywho, it didn’t take but a few weeks before he was sleeping 5, 6, 7 hour stretches. I felt like a real person again! I would put him down in his bed (nursing) and then when he woke up in the night he would come into our bed, but I’d either bring him back and nurse him or let him stay (depending on what i felt like doing).

    Have you read any of Dr. Jay Gordon’s stuff on night weaning? I have a lot of friends who’ve used his method with much success and very little turmoil/crying.

    Good luck!

  3. Trista Says:

    It was one of the best moments of my life when Julia first spent the night somewhere else besides in our arms! We started to feel like a couple again rather than just two exhausted parents who happened to pass one another in the common rooms of our house.

    We co-sleep on occassion, but now it’s not regular, routine, she doesn’t expect it, and it’s totally up to us and how we feel. And, actually, she sleeps better when she’s in her crib, too.

    Good luck. I wish you minimal crying and maximal sleeping.

  4. Sacha Says:

    I have no input on the cosleeping issue, but the less than eight hours of sleep…reminds me of being in school, waking up for early clinical and getting about six a night on average (I can get around seven now). I went to a sleep clinic and while most people take an average of twenty minutes to fall asleep, I was sleeping in 20 seconds. That’s how sleep deprived I was (am?) I’m not really sure I know what it means to sleep normally now.

    At least that part of my life is ready for parenthood.

  5. Sacha Says:

    And I still need to tell you why you got the award. Because you gave such fab advice over at Family O, and you have such a way with words and being able to see the core of issues. That’s why you totally deserved the award.


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