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Birthday Gifts March 14, 2006

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We meet with PKD (hopefully soon to be KD), and wife Tuesday night. I am wondering how to bring up the sperm issue. There is no tactful way to do it folks. It is semen. We are asking the man (and his wife) to agree to ejaculate into a cup for us, possibly many many times. Anyhoo.

Also at said dinner ( for which they are bringing ingredients and making dinenr for us – cute huh?) I well, we – but I’ll get to that later – will give him his birthday gift.

So last week I promised to post about my overly thoughtful gift idea for him. I am trying not to reveal identifying info about him so lets just say I found out that he has a favorite ‘cartoon’ character, and really loves this character who we will call Billy. I found some vintage images of Billy and painted him a small picture of said character. This involved a great deal of research and image searches, not to mention PAINTING a g-damned painting.

Did y’all ever see the friends episode where Chandler gets Joey’s girlfriend a vintage copy of her favorite childhood book? And it’s really expensive? And Chandler ends up letting Joey give it to her because he got her a pen???


This is the exact same thing, except I made the gift (it only cost me $1.99 for the canvas), S. got him a cookie, and we are saying that it is from both of us. S. did help me fill in like one part for like 2 seconds, but really.

Whatev people, whatev. I’m trying to be the bigger person here. But it’s hard because like Trista, I am Petty. Petty. Petty.


2 Responses to “Birthday Gifts”

  1. Trista Says:

    a COOKIE?!

    Yeah, I’d make the choice to try and be the bigger person too. But I’d also have a hard time with it and probably spill the beans that I’d thought of it AND painted it so that my bigness would be invalidated.

    Hopefully you won’t HAVE to bring it up it’ll just come up. But if it doesn’t, you could open the discussion by talking about when you’d like to start inseminating. “yeah, well, speaking of marinara sauce, we’d like to get knocked up sometime in April…”

    Sounds like a smooth transition to me!

  2. charlotte Says:

    I think S. will tell him that it was my idea, because she is that kind of person. As opposed to me who really would want to take all the credit even if I didn’t do it. But she won’t say that I did all of it, because it is still from US. Ha Ha.

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