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Guilty Confessions March 7, 2006

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Sometimes I’m a hippy. Other times, not so much. But we thought we were hippies with the whole attachment parenting thing. While we still love the core of attachment parenting, we have found in practice it is a bit idealistic and requires some mothering qualities which I do not posses in abundance (utter devotion, patience and selflessness to name a few).

#1: The Sleep Issue

Being the crunchy mamas we are, of course we are co-sleepers. Another term for co-sleeping is “your baby sleeps with you, but you awaken every 1-3 hours for 18 months and are going to loose your friggin mind and can barely have a coherent conversation.”

So we are going to attempt the CRY IT OUT. Yes, my friends, leaving your baby in his room to cry until he falls asleep. We have tried all sorts of half assed hippy methods to no avail, and LM is a crappy sleeper, so we are resorting to letting him bawl in the dark, by himself, in the name of the greater good (for him and for us). It is time to have a bed again, to have sex again, to have a nighttime conversation with my wife without whispering over our baby.

#2: The Sugar Issue

I used to be appalled, and I mean appalled, by women who cave their baby a cookie. Or ice cream, or soda???? I mean you may as well hand them a crack pipe right? Wrong. I mean the sugar is bad for them, they don’t need it, they shouldn’t have it. Blah, blah, blah.

The problem is that WE eat sugar. And it is so cute to see LM eating some ice cream. So we give the poor lad a bite of our cookie, some macaroni and cheese, french fries, some licks of our lolipop, a cheese puff or 2, and big gulps of our organic friggin ginger ale. OK?


11 Responses to “Guilty Confessions”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I agree, a lot of parenting philosophies sound really great until you try to implement them. Unfortunately alll kids are not created equal and what works for one does not work for all. My two are so completely different if I didn’t give birth to both of them I’d wonder where they came from.

    Good luck with the CIO. I know how hard it is but a good night sleep is so important for you and LM.

    We’ve also eased up a lot on what’s appropriate for children with Alexander. Lauren got a home made suger free cake with real whipped cream for her first birthday and Alexander got a cupcake. Still homemade but the same cake we were eating and covered in the same gooey white icing.

  2. Trista Says:

    Ah, the co-sleeping. Kristin and I had every intention of co-sleeping. And I guess we sort of did co-sleep. We slept with her oone at a time sitting up in a chair for the first 5 months. Boy, were we glad when we got her to sleep in her swing or crib or car seat. The thing is, now that she’s older I enjoy sleeping with her more, but not the whole night. That would just be too hard.

    We let her CIO a little, too. We call it “waiting ’till she’s serious” or “letting her finish pooping” or even “was that the baby? nah, I don’t think that was the baby, I think that was the dog”

    And sugar. Yeah, you’ve seen Julia’s food list, right? We had great plans before Julia came, but the problem is, implementing those plans would mean too big a change for us, and we’re selfish.

  3. Addy Says:

    My guilty confession, is that I had added your blog on my permanent links sidebar because I enjoyed dropping in on you and catching up on your latest endeavors. I’m a mom of two, and have friends that are in a similar situation as you are. Well in my homestate of WI, (land of beer, cheese and Bret Favre)there has been a lot of talk about same sex marriage and issues of adoption and downright “appropriate” parenting only consisting of 1 man and 1 woman. Needless to say, I highly disagree. My friend Aaron, had something to say about these issues and your blog quickly jumped into my brain when I read his post. I put a link to you in my comment on his post. I feel he would only benifit from the first hand accounts of something he has no idea of how to acknowledge. Please feel free to coment on his post if you’d like!
    —As well as my blog, you’re always welcome and I invite your insight!

  4. Sacha Says:

    I’m glad to hear that it’s okay to let go of your ideals. We’re going to cosleep but I would like it to end sooner than later. And I’m not banning sugar but I will health-it-up: whole wheat, no transfatty acids, organic. And I’m firmly convinced that denying sugar only creates a sugar monster in their later years.

    Moderation, moderation, moderation.

  5. Estelle Says:

    I wish wish wish Charlie would just sleep. Actually he is getting better. But at seven months I still would rather die on the cross than make him sleep alone. I’ll get over it eventually I guess.
    And it is proving to be VERY hard to not let him eat anything. He wants food SO BAD, but we can’t give him anything. Well that’s for his health as much as anything else, but still. I want to feed him something, anything. And he is getting dowright sick of gnawing on celery (his one safe food) while we eat a meal.
    Hope it’s not too traumatic for all of you!

  6. Calliope Says:

    I knew a gal in NYC who was raised sans sugar & t.v. (gasp!) & she made up for it by smoking crack.

    just kidding

    but she did feel like she didn’t have things like a love for fruit loops to bond with other freshmen.

    I am horribly confliced about what type of parent I will choose to be. Guess it will all unfold in time 🙂

  7. Merr Says:

    Allright well we never co-slept, but we did get into the habit ofrocking our baby to sleep. When he was about 5 or 6 months, we decided he needed to go to sleep on his own. So we did let him cry, though we would go in after 5 min. then 10 min. then 15 min. and so on until he was asleep. It took 2 nights and he has been sleeping great ever since.

  8. Sacha Says:

    Just wanted to say…

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    You get Most. Awesome. Human. Being. award for the day.

  9. charlotte Says:

    To what do I owe the honor????

    Please feel free to comment on my blog any time

  10. Lo Says:

    I am a sugar monster who was denied sugar as a child. I might have been a sugar monster anyway, but clearly it didn’t help in that regard. And I had to eat a lot of Froot Loops in college before I realized that they were, well, kinda nasty.
    I am coming around to my mom’s way of eating now, as an adult, but I still have a major sweet tooth, and my kids (should I be lucky enough to have them) will be raised on the Middle Path….it’s all about moderation.

  11. Co Says:

    About the sugar… My mother did not deprive me or my brother of sugar. We ate sugar cereals almost every morning. We had twinkies in our lunches. My mom was a baker and a cake decorator so we had lots of stuff available a good chunk of the time. And now… neither one of us has a sweet tooth… at all. We actively dislike sweets and make everyone around us jealous.

    Now, that’s probably just genetic and n = 2 is way too small a sample to say anything about, but I don’t think it’s true that giving kids sugar necessarily turns them into sugar fiends (although I guess there’s no getting around the fact that it’s not good for them). I’m not willing to go the opposite way and say every kid who eats as much sugar as I did will end up disliking it and eating more healthfully as an adult, but … oh well, I guess I have no point as usual.

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