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The Closet – Photo Friday (Saturday) March 5, 2006

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Here is one of my closets. Our house only has one (yes one) closet. Crazy architects. But more interesting than my closet, its my laundry area. We use the tub in our bedroom (it is an interesting house indeed) as our hamper, and usually it is OVERFLOWING all over the floor, but I went to the laundro- mat last weekend so I could do all of it at once – all 11 giant loads. At home it would have been like 20 loads in out small washer.

OMG I am boring myself to tears here. Enough about my dirty laundry aldready, in more ways than one.


2 Responses to “The Closet – Photo Friday (Saturday)”

  1. Calliope Says:

    I still can’t get over the tub!
    Reminds of of apt.s in NYC that had tubs in the kitchen.

  2. Ftrainrider1 Says:

    We lived in N.Y.C for a period of time when I was a kid. There was a bathtub in my bedroom. I never really thought about it, because I was a child…there was just a bathtub in my bedroom. 🙂

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