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OMG The Boss CONTINUED February 24, 2006

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Please see previous post for Mr. Boss the new, but slim chance PKD story.

S. and The Boss talked on the way home last night and S. brought it up again! Totally shocking….she is very shy. So she says it really freaked me out when you said that Charlotte looks like your sister and aunt. And they talk for a while about it. He says ‘I would be your donor if it you needed me to, and if it was okay with my wife.’ OMG. OMG. Oh, the wife.

Mr. Boss and his wife decided not to have children, except that TWO WEEKS AGO she gets this overwhelming terror feeling that she must have children right away. Mr. Boss is still absorbing the idea, and adjusting to having a child. So they are still talking about it. What bad timing. S. and Mr. Boss joked about how would he tell his wife ‘yeah maybe I don’t want kids with you but I will give my sperm to another couple so they can have a child, who will be related to me.’

This situation is fraught with roadblocks.

1. he is her boss and would be present at work while she is pregnant (actually though, I think she and he could work this out)
2. would he agree? (yes, apparently he would)
3. would his wife agree? (why would she? when she want kids with him desperately right now?)
4. currently the wife is finishing her masters degree in another state (they have been living apart for 6 months, and she moves back here in May). This means they cannot have big heartfelt person to person discussions right now.
5. I feel like we couldn’t possibly get this lucky, and too many unknowns need to align, so I don’t want to get my hopes up. But my hopes are already up. And so is a pessimistic sense of dread – of course this won’t work out.

I could not imagine a person who I would want more to genetically, physically, spiritually, emotionally represent me with S. He truly could not be a better match. I really want S. to tell him why we want to use him, and how great we think he is as a donor match. Because if he says no (probably) I want him to say no to our heartfelt request, not to a casual idea, as if we are just thinking ‘that would be cool.’

Oh, I am so freaking out still. I can’t concentrate on anything.

Jeez, I feel like a sperm soap opera lately.


One Response to “OMG The Boss CONTINUED”

  1. Trista Says:

    Yikes, the wife. But if she’s not moving home till May…

    Still, emotions are sure to run high.

    Wow, what a rollercoaster. That’s all I can say. Sorry it’s not more eloquent or wise.

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