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Weirdos February 16, 2006

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I am sensing that many folks do not want to post pics of their kids in their blogs. I am a bit naive here, so please tell me if I should follow suit.

Recently some nasty comments have been made on some blogs I read. Are there tons of weirdos lurking around reading our blogs?

What kinds of stuff should be left off the blog, lest I regret it later??


8 Responses to “Weirdos”

  1. Trista Says:

    well, I don’t want to bore people with too many pics of Julia on my blog, so that’s part of the reason I keep a “secret” blog for her. The other reason is that I don’t want our far-flung family reading what I write about on a daily basis, so as far as they know, the frog is the real blog and Accident is the “secret” blog. I know some people are worried about stalkers and such, but I’m really not. I guess I figure with such celebrities as Dooce putting up pics of her kid, pics of Julia on my little inconsequential blog can’t be all that bad. Plus, I am terrible at scrapbooking, and I found out recently that there are companies that will print up your blog and bind it and so I figure I’ll do that and thus posting pics and stories of Julia is just the new high-tech way of baby-booking.

  2. Calliope Says:

    Well I blog under a fake name (surprise!) and try to be vague with some identifying stuff. Nobody in my family knows I blog. So I talk about them freely.
    I don’t have a kid yet- so not sure if I will get all private when that happens…but I doubt it.

  3. Lo Says:

    Co and I are intentionally very discreet on our blog, in terms of language and pictures — but that’s because I am a teacher and she is a very private person. Being a teacher is being a bit of a public figure. If there were too much info identifying me, the kids *would* find it and *would* read about this stuff. Oh, dear God.
    However, I love the people I’ve been “meeting” through these blogs. I think we should all start Trista’s commune. So through email I do not mind identifying myself.
    All of which is to say I think it’s a personal decision, Charlotte, based on your own circumstances.

  4. Sara Says:

    Hello! I’m just now finding the time to read your entire blog. (Thanks for your comments on ours by the way.) As far as info goes… Katie and I don’t put too much personal stuff on our blog. No one in our life knows we have a blog (besides two close friends who stumbled upon it). Only a few close family know that we have been TTC. We will probably be more open about sharing the blog with friends and family once our TTC secret is out. I’m not too worried about “stalkers” though. That’s my $.02

  5. J Says:

    I’m fairly private on my blog – with the exception of once putting up photos of us (our wedding) and you’d have to search for them.

    My name is not out there, and every one I mention is an initial. Also, my wife is somewhat “famous” in the queer community here, so I don’t like to encourage any weirdness in that arena either.

    But the stories are all true – very few family/friends know I blog – for them I have a LJ account where daily, identifying items go.

    And I usually don’t post about an event or place before I go to it….just my own freakish worry.

  6. ~ danielle Says:

    Hey there – delurking here since this topic is relevant to my blog šŸ™‚ (I’ve enjoyed reading about your hunt for a donor – and am a wee bit envious that you’re trying for #2 already – took my 5 years to talk my partner into it).

    Anyway – I don’t put the kids names or pics on my blog because, well, I’m somewhat paranoid. I’m a social worker (formerly in Child Protective) so I see all this crazy stuff IRL and I know there are sickos out there. I have no problem sending pics of the kids or sharing names with people I connect with through my blog in private e-mail, once I have a chance to ‘get to know them’ a bit. But having full access for anonymous people to see my kids, know their names (our daughter has a *very* unique name), etc just freaks me out too much.

    The other mitigating factor is my partner is very very uncomfortable with having pics of the kids on the net as well, so even if I wanted to share pics, she would not agree to it. For picture sharing with our fam, I’ve recently started a yahoogroup that is a family only, private group.

    My family does read my blog (at least I know my mom does ocassionally, not sure who else) so I can’t talk about either of our KD’s who are both family members and would like to remain anonymous for now. Other than that, I set up a disclaimer that warns them that what they read might not be in line who they think I am.

    Everyone is different though and some people may think I’m too paranoid. You have to do what you’re comfortable with.

  7. charlotte Says:

    Thanks to all!! Your comments are helping me form my own sense of what I am comfortable with.

  8. Best Home Says:

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