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Looking for lurkers January 31, 2006

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It is sad, but I hope I have some lurkers.
I am wondering if anyone is reading this.
I feel like 6th grade all over again. And am I the not cool kid with no friends, and no lurkers even?

I also want to know if other people’s blog motivation comes from the desire to write (just to the ether, who cares who reads it), or do y’all REALLY want other people to read and comment on your blogs?
Because I fall into the latter camp.

I also know I have only had a blog for 4 days and am probably just being my usual paranoid freak self.


15 Responses to “Looking for lurkers”

  1. Co Says:

    Hi. I have been reading. My partner read me your Mayor of Crazytown post and we both thought it was incredibly witty.

    Personally, I like to know that SOMEONE is reading my blog, even if I don’t get comments too often. If no one’s reading, I’d rather keep a private journal in a notebook.

    But anyway, my partner and I have been reading. Keep up the posts. And my condolences to your friend who lost her baby. So hard!

  2. B Says:

    As someone who also overuses parantheses, ( it is fun) I have enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂 Good luck on your TTC#2 Journey. We’re on our 1st!
    PS I love your user pic.

    Dizzles Speak on It

  3. J Says:

    If you build it, they will come –

    Thanks for linking my blog:)

  4. eryn Says:

    great to see you’ve started a blog. i enjoy reading it.

    i started blogging after finding many cool pregnancy blogs. we were just about to start TTC and this was a great way for me to keep informed and an avenue to vent when I need to– as many of the people in my day to day life have no idea we’re TTC. i love reading other blogs and i love posting and reading comments others leave on my blog. sometimes i wonder why i did not start sooner!

  5. the_road_less_travelled Says:

    I’m lurking! We write because it’s like spilling your guts to somone you’ll never see again.

  6. Calliope Says:

    hey chica!
    I’m here. Just linked you up as well.

    As for why bother blogging- here is my reason: because it feels so damn good to get it out of my head! I live in such a small town with few people that get me. Having an on-line community has been a saving grace. I write for myself, but I also write as if I am talking (hopefully) to friends.

    Welcome to the fold. The more voices the better!

  7. Trista Says:

    yeah, usual paranoid self. Of course I don’t really know you from adam, so I wouldn’t know if you are really paranoid or not so I’ll just take your word for it.

    I started my blog just to write for the heck of it, to get it out there and create a record of my journey since I seem incapable of journaling (or scrapbooking for that matter) on paper. And I didn’t have readers for a very long time. Then, slowly slowly they came. And they still continue to come. They came from comments I left on other people’s blogs, from people curious to see who this person was who had linked to them, from random searches on the web. And with the arrival of readers my motivation has changed, now I want people to read and comment. However, I don’t let that change what I have to say, I just feel sad if I’ve posted something that doesn’t get any comments (although the knowledge that my partner’s co-workers read my blog has prevented me from discussing our sex life as I would like, so I guess I have changed my posting habits a bit) And I still have far more lurkers than I have commenters. I didn’t look, but do you have a sitemeter? That way you can see who’s looking at you. Also, if you get a technorati account (both of these are free) you can see who’s linked to you. For instance Merrilee at Proudprowsers (another new blogger and a friend of mine) has linked to you, and I’ll link to you as soon as I get time.

    I LOVE your picture!

  8. Elfin Says:

    I am a lurker, just stumbled across your blog. Good luck to you and your wife in getting pregnant.

  9. Merr Says:

    Hi I have found your blog, and put it on my list of blogs to read. I also just started my own blog too, and haven’t been getting much comments. I do want people to read my blog and leave comments. I enjoy telling my story, and reading other people’s stories as well. I will visit your blog often, and hope you will visit mine.

  10. Emmakirst Says:

    I think I am with you on the latter part. Anyway, I think it’s a great site and your little monster is adorable 🙂

  11. Brooke Says:

    I totally, completely, 100% know how you feel. I tend to think of myself as a “thread killer,” meaning that on any sort of forum, as soon as I post on a thread, that thread dies; no one posts a response. I think, for myself, the primary desire was to journal my thoughts. I’ve always kept a journal, but with the amount of typing I do, my hand-writing has turned to crap. So I decided to take the journaling online. Not to mention the added benefit of soliciting advice from those who have gone before me on any number of the crazy paths I’m following 🙂 Keep writing – the comments will come!!

  12. Sarah and BB Says:

    Hi, I got into reading your blog because you commented on mine. I started writing my blog for myself, as a bit of a journal, but then, I got to reading and commenting on other people’s blogs and then they began to read mine. So that changed the dynamic of what I was saying, because all of a sudden, people were asking questions and I found myself writing more and more for others, rather than myself. Being a great blog writer, doesn’t happen over night, it takes time to find your own groove. If you want more traffic, keep commenting on other people’s blogs, that gets you some attention, another thing is to write often, not lots, but often, once a day or so. Join Blog Explosion or something similar, they put your blog in there lists. But most of it, it takes time, but don’t worry, “if you build it, they will come”. Blog writing isn’t a science, just try to have fun writing or ranting, then it will all happen by itself!! Good Luck

  13. K77 Says:

    I blog because I need an outlet. I must admit though that it’s rather cool to get comments and to see that people read me and link to me. I get some damn strange google searches though.

  14. bob Says:

    UtmjQz hi great site thx

  15. riatha1982 Says:

    Okay, well, I know I’m four years late, but I’m reading your blog – starting from the beginning. 🙂
    My wife and I have not started the TTC journey yet, we are both in school (again), but we are hoping to start TTC in a couple of years. In the meantime, I try to read what I can about everyone else’s stories 😉
    I hope you still feel the same now about actually wanting people to read your blog.
    Good luck!

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