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Mr. Gay Sperm Man January 30, 2006

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Why do donors simply not understand how crazy TTCing lesbians are? Our PKD wrote an email yesterday and said he was “feeling very excited about the whole thing” and that he would call us today (Sunday). But no call. Whatev.

The scoop on PKD (Mr. Gay Sperm Man) +’s and -‘s:
white (ok but we wanted 1/2 mexican like me)
age: 39
fairly goodlooking although not S.’s type **
fairly goodlooking but looks nothing like me
good heart
great uncle to his neice and nephew
sensitive (maybe a little too sensitive)
hard to get ahold of

We are waiting to hear if he is ok not having his family involved at all. He seemed really attached to his parents and brother meeting the kid, and having a relationship with him or her, albeit distant. We don’t want to agree to this up front. Not because we are necessarily opposed to the idea, but we believe that PKD’s desire for this relationship with his family indicates too much attachment on his part. He said in a past conversation that this issue was a ‘deal breaker.’ But I guess it is for us too. Does that make sense?

This issue seems to be at the core of the negotiations. I am glad to be working these issues out now, but it is so emotionally exhausting. Does any other endeavor require so much waiting at every step??

SO CALL US Mr. Gay Sperm Man.

**S. is what Sacha calls a ‘penis free lesbian,’ but once in a while she encounters a man (ok mostly only famous people she’s never met and one guy in college) who she would have sex with if she were straight. This means she would never have sex with them because she is gayer than a jay bird, BUT there is obviously some attraction there. She feels no such attraction to PKD.


One Response to “Mr. Gay Sperm Man”

  1. Sophia Says:

    I hear you on the pluses and minuses. Mikey was very adamant on having a Puerto Rican, preferably a darker skinned one so she can feel a cultural connection to the child.

    The hard to get a hold of and the family thing would be some real concerns. He has to understand that a KD is a slave to ovulation and when the opk says positive it means drop eveything and assume the position. LOL And the family thing: well that’s a real sensitive topic to discuss. I hope it all works out.

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