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crappy rainy monday January 30, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — charlotte @ 11:30 pm

Still no call from PKD. What is he thinking!?!

For some cheerier news my little monster wears little frog rainboots. OMG.


3 Responses to “crappy rainy monday”

  1. Estelle Says:

    Nothing to comment on yet… just followed you over from Calliope. I’ll be back though!

  2. Lo Says:

    Frog rainboots sound pretty adorable.
    I have commented a few times on your blog (maybe twice?) but the comments don’t show up until you screen them. So I am not sure if you haven’t gotten to them? Or they haven’t been approved?
    Anyway, tryin’ to comment! Love your blog!

  3. marci Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog so far. My partner and I are wanting to start our own family this year. We also live in California, but at the southern end.

    Could I link to your blog?

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