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Mayor of Crazytown January 29, 2006

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To preface this, I will tell those of you who don’t know that S.’s brother donated to me for baby #1.
So, I was telling a friend of a friend about our current search for a known donor for S.

Ok, before I say what she says let me say that this is a normal person. She drives a minivan. Ok, so she says:

“why doesn’t S.’s brother donate to her too?”

And I’m like “what?”

And she says “why not? you know there’s no medical reason not to, there’s only a 2% chance of any genetic abnormality.”

I’m thinking: is she from another f*ing planet? but what I say is:
“um, because it’s her brother.”

At some point I’m thinking she’s gonna say:
“oh yeah, that’s really gross, I can see why S. doesn’t want to get knocked up by her brother”

But she doesn’t say it.

She just shrugs, and says again
“yeah, there isn’t really any reason why not to, there would only be problems if it continued on in the next generation.”

What can I even say about this encounter?
Should I respect that this woman truly understands alternative families?? I think not.

Hello!?! We may be queer, and yes, our children will genetically be cousins, but we are not going to inbreed.
This woman is the mayor of Crazytown. Right?

Mayor of Crazytown is a term S. and I use when we think someone is just plum stark raving mad.

On the topic of an actual route we may take to have a baby, KD emailed me tonight. He said he’ll call us tomorrow, but that he talked to his brother and therapist and they both thought that donating to us was “a good thing” for him to do. I don’t know what that means yet but will find out soon. We have another sperm offer possibility which I will detail in another post. We are really confused.


3 Responses to “Mayor of Crazytown”

  1. Shelli Says:

    we like to call them: “on the crack”

    as in – been SMOKIN it too long.

    perhaps she was looking at it for the scientific reasoning and not hte EXTREME YUCK FACTOR!


  2. Sacha Says:

    k, for some reason Blogger ate my post.

    That was the funniest story I’ve read in a while. I can’t believe you managed to get through the conversation with a straight face and without laughing out loud.

    Nevermind the mental gymnastics said child would need to do over her mom/aunt/uncle/bio dad. Inbreeding makes for crazies. Ask the folk in Idaho.

  3. K77 Says:

    OMG what is WRONG with some people? Queen of freaking Crazy Planet.

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